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Gypsy Table comes to Dubrovnik Gypsy Table comes to Dubrovnik

The first Gypsy Table dinner arrives in Croatia

By  Sep 11, 2016

Bored of the same old restaurants, with the same familiar menus and the same tired interiors...looking for a gastronomic adventure with a difference. We just might have the solution, a blind supper club. On the 18th of September at 7 o’clock this first ever blind supper club will be held.

Not so much a meal, more a dining experience, the concept of a blind supper club might not be one you are familiar with. So to bring you up to speed, firstly the location is different to what you might expect; it is like a private club and definitely not a restaurant. You could be dining on the roof of a building, in a vineyard or in a cave. It’s blind because the menu of what you will taste isn’t revealed until the very last moment, and sometimes not until you sit down. Although this concept is new to Dubrovnik it is certainly popular in the US and the UK.

It is called the Gypsy Table and it will bring together the top culinary talent in Croatia to prepare the best locally-sourced products available, served up in the most beautiful and unique locations in the country all for a great cause…charity. Each future event will have a Croatian charity as the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from the event. What makes this even more special, is that the location will remain a secret until shortly prior to the event.

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This first ever Dubrovnik “Gypsy Table” is being organised by Croatian-American chef and adventure diner Richard Gruica aka Foodzilla and the head chef of the elite Dubrovnik eatery “Stara Loza” Damir Saric. Judging by this duos CV’s we can expect a night of creative cuisine.

“We wanted to explore the possibilities of a new gastronomic experience in Dubrovnik and a blind supper club ticks all the boxes,” explained Saric to The Dubrovnik Times. “Who knows where we will organise supper clubs, we have plenty of ideas but for now we don’t want to give too much away,” said the head chef. A Secret Location! A big part of attending a Gypsy Table dinner is the excitement of the unknown. Not only will the menu be a surprise, but the location as well. Guests will receive the information on the exact location up to 48 hours prior to the event. Maybe it’s a candlelit dinner in the courtyard of an ancient monastery or communal table atop a secluded hilltop. One thing for sure–it will be totally unique and an evening to remember.

The beneficiary for the dinner is the ┼Żarkovica Aninal Shelter. The event will consist of an all-inclusive feast featuring amazing edible delights, craft beer, wonderful wines, hand crafted cocktails, music and much more. Tickets are 50 Euro per person or 90 Euro per pair. Tickets can be purchased directly at or via Tickets will not be sold to walks up and this will be strictly prohibited. 

And according to the team details of the next Gypsy Table Pop-Up will be announced at the conclusion of the first dinner, which will take part in the Dubrovnik Good Food Festival.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Richard Gruica at 385919500081 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can more details at