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Croatia Recipes – a crunchy traditional sweet – Krostule

Written by  Anna Cerovski Mar 28, 2021

Croatia on your Table - Kroštule, hroštule, “poderane gaće” ili fanjki?

Is there a better way to start the recipe section then with a sweet dessert? Of course not! Due to that, I thought that we should talk about a dessert that has so many recipes, variations, and names that probably every household prepares it differently but despite that – it is always so delicious!

Kroštule are favorite to every generation, from kids and teens to adults and the elderly. Traditionally, they origin from Istria and Dalmatia and they are mostly prepared during holidays, weddings, and other festivities.


In some parts of Croatia, kroštule are called hroštule, “poderane gaće” (or on English – torn undies, yes!), and fanjki. Of course, there are some differences in ingredients and preparation processes, but all these desserts present delicious sweets made of fried dough. This is a recipe for kroštule that my grandmother uses for years now, so hope you’ll enjoy it!

Ingredients for Kroštule

krostule croatia  

- 5 eggs

- 5 tbsp of sugar

- 5 tbsp of butter

- 1,5 tbsp of rum

- 3,5 tbsp of brandy

- ½ of baking powder

- 1,5 of vanilla sugar

- smooth flour

- powder sugar

Baking Method for Kroštule 

Step 1

Mix together the eggs, sugar, and vanilla sugar. Melt the butter and add it to the mixture. Add a bit of flour and baking powder as well. Once you mix all the ingredients, add rum and brandy. Start mixing and kneading. Keep adding flour until you get a firm dough. Leave the dough in a cold place for a couple of hours.

Step 2

Thinly roll out the dough and then cut it into stripes. Cut the stripes in half and then make small knots out of them.

croatia dessert sweet krostule

Step 3

Fry the knots in the oil until they get nice golden color. Once they are done, put them on the napkin so it collects all the excess fat. Serve them with powder sugar.

The recipe is quite easy and simple, and all you need is a bit of strength for kneading and imagination for shaping the dough and - you’re good to go!

Let me know how you call and prepare this dessert in your hometown!



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