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Ninja Mask in Dubrovnik Ninja Mask in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

Ninja mask turns heads in Dubrovnik

By  Mark Thomas Sep 09, 2016

The full face Ninja mask has come to Dubrovnik. It might not look like the most elegant snorkel in the world but since it was developed by a company in Hawaii last year it has proved a mega hit. The H20 Ninja mask has arrived to the beaches of Dubrovnik this summer and is certainly turning heads.

ninja mask

The mask covers the face fully and doesn’t have a snorkel to grip between your teeth, you just breathe naturally, well as naturally as you can when you are underwater. The original H20 Ninja Mask will set you back a cool £110 and you can even get a version that has a camera mount on the mask for £125. Great for exploring the crystal, clear waters of the Dubrovnik Adriatic coastline, a sea that the legendary French diver Jacques Cousteau described as one of the cleanest in the world.