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The Most Popular Vegan Food Trends According to TikTok Mikhailov Studio-Shutterstock

The Most Popular Vegan Food Trends According to TikTok

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Mar 17, 2021

Over the past year there has been a huge leap in vegan recipe searches on social media as people have more time for baking and making home-cooked food.

And it appears foodies are turning to TikTok which has around 1 billion monthly users worldwide. With this in mind, vegan experts set out to find TikTok’s most popular vegan food videos by analysing the number of views per trending food category. They compiled a list of 50 popular vegan foods and searched them on TikTok to find the total number of views for each hashtag.

Chewsygum found #vegan videos are watched an astonishing 8.1 billion times, whilst #veganrecipe and #veganrecipes have a combined total of 939 million views!

The most popular vegan food videos, providing inspiration for a myriad of recipes, are for vegan cheese, with 20.1 million total views. In second is vegan chicken with 16.6 million views, followed by vegan ice cream with 13.3 million views.

Completing the top 10 most watched videos are - 

4 – Vegan smoothie – 12.9 million

5 – Vegan cookies – 10.6 million

6 – Vegan pasta – 9.6 million

7 – Vegan burger – 8.6 million

8 – Vegan tacos – 8.5 million

9 – Vegan cake – 7.8 million

10 – Vegan milk – 7.4 million


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