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What do I need to know about Basketball Image by Jeff Juit from Pixabay

What do I need to know about Basketball

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 20, 2021

Basketball is a game played between two teams; each team consists of 5 players who oppose one another on a rectangular court with the objective to shoot a basketball to a defender’s hoop. The players have to bounce the ball while moving and running, or they can pass the ball to their teammate but the main objective is to score a goal into the opponent’s hoop.

The USA has already qualified for the Olympics that has been postponed due to the pandemic condition of Corona. There are also some other teams to qualify for this tournament but the status of the qualifying tournaments is still needed to be determined but here is the list of qualified nations - 

• Argentina

• Australia

• France

• Iran

• Japan

• Nigeria

• Spain

• United States

Jerry Colangelo, the managing director of USA Basketball also said that when the time will come for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics roster, he will never forget to get into the World Cup to maintain their position.

Stanford University was the first to use the one-hand shot in 1930 but the two-handed shots were introduced in 1950. The style of the shot kept changing with the passage of time according to the needs of the players to get dominance in the ground.

International Competition

Basketball has also been playing in the Olympic Games in the Pan-American Games since 1951. The international game is officially controlled by the Federation International de Basketball Amateur but the world championships were also started in 1950 for men but in 1953 for women.

Basketball also got popularity in Italy as well and Spain has also the name and fame in this game. Balkans are also one of the other main centers of basketball but there are links between European and American basketball to get the attention of the viewers. American players are considered the older players to be successful in NBA careers and younger players are also getting fame with the passage of time. For more information you can visit the website:

It’s invented in 1891 by James Naismith, the Canadian-Australian gym teacher. The game is widely viewed and enjoyed due to its energetic jumps and passions. The FIBA Basketball World Cup and Men’s Olympic Basketball Tournament are considered the major events to attract the different teams around the world.

Rules and Regulations

The main object of the game is to outscore one’s opponents by throwing the ball from above while the opposing players try their best to forbid them from doing so. The game is played in four quarters of 10-12 minutes but college players often use 2 halves consisting of 20 minutes each. An overtime period of 5 minutes in length is also awarded in the case the game is ended in a draw.

Equipment of the Game

It’s a very simple game, only a basketball is required in this game. It is played in a rectangular surface ground with baskets at the opposite ends. Clocks, score sheets, and scoreboard are the additional items that are required during the game but these are not necessary items as Basketball is. The rectangular court is 91.9 feet in length and 49.2 feet in width.

Violations in the Game

The players have to advance towards the basket ends by passing among the players, throwing the ball, tapping the ball while moving, rolling, or bouncing the ball while running. The ball is considered out of bounce if it touches a boundary line or object outside the boundary.

Fouls of the Game

The referee is responsible for judging the actions of the players whether they are legal or illegal but the fouls vary among games, leagues, and referees. The players are awarded free throws in case of committing foul.


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