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3 Tips for Improving Your Financial Health Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

3 Tips for Improving Your Financial Health

By  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 17, 2021

It might seem challenging to start taking control of your finances, but there are a few things you can do now. The trick is to start small and slowly change your habits. There are a few ways you can start improving your financial situation.

Take Care of Debt First

Whether you have car payments, a mortgage, student loans, or other debt, make it a priority to take care of that. By living more frugally, you can put more money into repayments, allowing you to eliminate debt from your life sooner. A major way of improving your financial health is to consider refinancing your existing student loans with a private lender to save on your monthly expenses. If you have good credit, you might get a lower interest rate, which can lower your payment each month. Refinancing also allows you to pay the debt off sooner, which can save you in interest. Just make sure you go over the original loan document so you know about any fees associated with the process.

Refinancing also lets you consolidate multiple loans into one. That can streamline your repayment process, allowing you to make one payment instead of several. The advantage of simplifying things means you are less likely to miss a payment and incur late fees.

Reduce Your Grocery Bill

Once you add up your grocery receipts, you might be surprised at how much you spend on food each month. It could be several hundred dollars depending on how many people live in your household. It’s all too easy to get a couple of things here, and a little there, and the items in the checkout line can be tempting. However, these costs can add up a lot more than you think.

Instead, make a meal plan and list the ingredients you’ll need. Don’t buy more of something if it’s already in the pantry or fridge. Add to the list over time, so you know exactly what you need. When you know that you don’t forget anything, it’s easier to avoid impulse buys. Leaving your kids at home is another good method of ensuring you stick to the list.

You could also look into grocery pickup. It’s often offered for free, and you might find it saves you money. It’s a way of guaranteeing you’ll only purchase the items you originally intended. That might be a good method for those who struggle with impulse purchases.

Don’t Purchase Name-Brand Items

It’s also a good idea to look for generic products. Many times, name-brand products simply have different marketing than store brands. They might have fancier packaging or better advertising, but the product itself is often the same. It’s usually safe to purchase generic brands of paper products, cleaning items, and staple foods, such as flour or rice. However, the brand names of certain types of foods might taste better than their generic counterparts, so get a small amount at first when trying something new. That way, you won’t be stuck with many packages of a food your family hates.


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