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Citizen Responsibilities in Australia Image by Rebecca Lintz from Pixabay

Citizen Responsibilities in Australia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 31, 2021

Maintaining public safety falls under the responsibilities of the citizens of Australia, as much as it is the responsibility of law enforcers. Contributing to peace is achievable by performing simple tasks in everyday life. It is expected from the residents to obey the laws, respect to others and do their part to provide safety. Anything that might cause harm to another person is a situation of liability. People suffering consequences of one’s omission can take legal action against them. As it is clearly stated in Civil Liability Act of 2017 of NSW, in compliance with the relevant law of the State, residents are obliged to act in a responsible manner to enforce a safe environment for others. In our workplaces, in the traffic or even in our own properties, it is expected from us to avoid any action that might result in harm. Please note, on some occasions, accidents can still occur if the action involves risk on its nature. If the cause of the accident was not someone’s breach of responsibility, liability is not looked for.

In your home

Being a good citizen starts at home. Although your house is obviously your private space, responsibilities still apply. Owner of the property has a duty of care to provide a safe environment to their visitors. However, a lawsuit can only be filed against them if the harm was a cause of the owner’s breach of duty. To reach a conclusion, the court takes the behaviour of another reasonable person as a reference. The owner of the property is expected to act in the same responsible behaviour to prevent any harm.

In your workplace

Employers throughout Australia have a duty to operate their businesses suited to the workplace safety regulations. Workers shouldn’t be exposed to any possible risks in the workplace. The employer can be charged with a serious violation of laws. In addition to building a safe atmosphere in the workplace, employers are required to obey laws related to the wellbeing of workers. Among the many responsibilities of employers, some of them are designed to support the injured workers in times of need. Laws protect injured workers from being terminated once an injury arises. The sole purpose of these regulations is to provide medical, economic and psychological injury.

Landlord responsibilities

Landlords also have a duty of care to their tenants. Before leasing out a property, the landlord should make sure nothing in the property can possibly harm the tenant. The structure of the building should be in a good condition prior to leasing the place out. Every state has their own regulations and standards that have to be applied during the lease. The property should be maintained regularly, ensure the gas, electricity and the heating systems are installed properly and the endangering surroundings are taken care of. In case of any harm, the tenant can claim public liability compensation. Nonetheless, the tenant is responsible for the harm if the incident was due to a personal recklessness. Although the majority of these rules are established to protect the tenants, some of them are enforced to prevent environmental damage. For a long time, smoke alarms are fundamental all over Australia as fire can spread quite easily, and as the residents, we are also obliged to do our parts to prevent such a disaster.

Public Liability Law

If you decide on making a claim, make sure the situation is examined professionally. Public liability claims are based on negligence and it can be challenging to prove the wrongful act. However, with a public liability lawyer, it will be very easy to withstand any negativities. Public liability specialist lawyers are well known for their determination and their vast knowledge in civil liability cases.

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