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The highest earning male designer would be Ralph Lauren The highest earning male designer would be Ralph Lauren Pixabay

Revealed - Ralph Lauren Ranked Highest Earning Designer in Real Job Market

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 29, 2021

2020 saw the largest year-on-year decline in fashion and clothing sales ever with sales down a huge 25% and fashion interests shifting to loungewear and pyjamas. And it’s not just high street retailers suffering, but also the likes of big designer brands.

Therefore, OnBuy Clothes Department decided to find out how much fashion designers could be earning in today’s job market based on the value of their first name only.

The highest earning male designer would be Ralph Lauren, as his first name alone has the potential to earn £56,144 per year if he wasn’t a designer. In contrast, the highest earning female designer would be Carolina Herrera whose moniker could earn her £33,860. That’s more than £22,000 less than the highest earning male.


The lowest earning male designer is Calvin Klein who based on just his moniker could make £35,917 per year – that’s still more than our highest earning female! The lowest earning female designer would be Phoebe Philo, earning just £25,108 based on her first name only. That’s more than £5,000 less than the UK’s yearly average according to the ONS.

Based on the average earnings of people with the same name, the average male designer’s salary in the real world based on just their first names would be £42,369.60. On the other hand, the average female designer’s salary would be £29,517.30 – also beneath the UK’s average. That’s a whopping £12,852.30 difference between the men and women!

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*Onbuy Clothes Department compiled a list of fashion designers using data from BoredPanda,, BBC America and Love Happens Mag.
*Using this list, they surveyed 2,848 people to find out which names were the most recognisable/popular to find the top 10 male and female brands.
*They then entered this data into Adzuna’s Value My Name tool to find out the average salary of each designer’s first name.
*The average yearly salary from ONS is based on the weekly figure of £586 multiplied by 52 (number of weeks in the year) to find average salary of £30,472 per year in the UK.


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