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11 Reasons Why Discount Warehouse lights are good for warehouse lighting Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

11 Reasons Why Discount Warehouse lights are good for warehouse lighting

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 23, 2021

As everyone knows, the warehouse has a lot of open space and high ceilings. The choice of discount warehouse lights is important when looking for a highly economical way for getting enough light. LED warehouse lights can only project more than enough brightness to meet the needs of larger warehouse light, discount warehouse lights can only project more than enough brightness to meet the needs of larger warehouse light, and is in fact Eco-friendly and durable, which is why it is the first for choice for warehouse lighting around the world. These lights used for outdoor or indoor Lighting, the durable and strong design as well as the lighting quality of these bulbs, makes them the perfect choice for high output requirement.

Not only are discount warehouse lights cost effective, they last longer, require less maintenance, provide brighter light, and are tiny in size, making them suitable for lighting displays warehouse traditional light bulbs would not be possible. They are also greener and offer more lighting options for which they can be used. LED warehouse lighting system may save up to 97% of electricity in comparison to traditional lighting system. They consume up to 80% less energy than conventional metal halide and sodium lamps.

LED warehouse lights emit lower light than conventional fluorescent or incandescent lamps, so multiple diodes are connected together inside multiple lamps to create a brighter light. The light emitted by the diodes is also very precise, which is why LED lamps use tailing mirrors to block the light from different directions. LED warehouse lights produce excellent quality light. It is described as full spectrum light. This means that it is not sharp, but warm, like an incandescent lamp.

11 Reasons Why Discount Warehouse lights are good for warehouse lighting


LED warehouse lights are equipped with dozens of advanced feature which makes them sustainable, some of them are listed below.

LED warehouse lights Have Long Life

LED warehouse lights are designed as a single unit. This means that all components are compatible with each other, which significantly increases their service life. LED warehouse lights are typically having lifespan about 25 years and provide 30,000 hours of light. They are longer than other types of "energy efficient" lamps. For example, fluorescent lamps last an average of 5 years. This is especially true for large buildings and businesses, such as warehouses with high and inaccessible roofs, warehouse replacing a lamp is time consuming and expensive.

LED warehouse lights are equipped with Aluminum heat sinks

When it comes to longevity, the first cause of LED failure is heat. Regardless of whether it is built-in or modified, it is important that LEDs have efficient heat sinks that dissipate heat from the diode and dissipate it externally. The large aluminum heat sinks used in LED warehouse lights are expected to pave the way for smaller and potentially more energy efficient alternatives. Efficient aluminum recycling will further reduce the environmental impact of LEDs during the recycling phase of their life cycle.

Saving energy

Energy saving is a problem for everyone today. This is discount warehouse lights can help. The annual energy consumption of an LED lights is about 30 times lower than that of a corresponding incandescent lamp. A 15W LED lamp emits the same amount of light from a 100W incandescent lamp or a 30W fluorescent lamp. These handy lights fit into a regular store and last forever. The longevity of LEDs when replacing bulbs greatly reduces labor and maintenance costs, especially with the widespread use of LED lights in commercial applications. The use of LED lights also reduces cooling costs because they generate very little heat, which creates a cooler atmosphere and reduces energy consumption for air conditioning. In the long run, the heavy duty LED lights reduce the overall cost of lighting. As LED lighting technology advances and its supply increases, its prices will continue to fall, making it a more economical option than incandescent bulbs. The advanced dimming and intelligent lighting control functions of some LEDs can also help people save more energy.

LED warehouse lights Are Safer

LED warehouse lights are a product of state-of-the-art solid state technology that gives these bulbs amazing durability. They are completely sealed and highly resistant to vibrations, shocks and severe weather conditions. Also, there are no glass parts, which mean there is no risk of serious injury if the lamp breaks.

Less heat generation

LED warehouse lights generate less heat during use, so the associated cooling costs are relatively lower. Incandescent light bulbs give off 90% of their energy like heat. While LED bulbs lose about 5% of the energy produced as heat, the rest are converted into light.

Less Lights Needed

LED warehouse lights have a better distribution of light and the light is focused in the same direction. Other types of lighting, which emit light in all directions and waste energy, often illuminate areas where the light is on. This means that fewer LED bulbs are needed to achieve the same level of brightness emitted by fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Low light sources will reduce energy consumption and therefore benefit the environment.

Harmful Chemicals

LED warehouse lights do not contain harmful chemicals, unlike their CFL counterparts. CFLs contain mercury vapors which, if spilled, can cause environmental damage, so breakage must be avoided for this product, but this cannot always be helped. Proper disposal of CFLs means a time consuming and energy intensive process of collecting all mercury, which leads to an increased impact on the environment of the lamp.

LED warehouse lights Do Not Add Noise to the Environment - 

Unlike other lighting technologies, these lights are designed to produce no vibration or hum. Thus, replacing ordinary bulbs with LED bulbs, you can reduce noise pollution of the environment.

Environment friendly

Warehouse lights that use LED technology not only cut your energy bills, but are also more environmentally friendly than incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Both the manufacture and use of LED lights are less environmentally harmful than the other two alternatives.

LED warehouse lights Reduce Light Pollution

These LED lights come with directional nature, which means that their light is much focused. Thanks to this feature, LED lights significantly help to reduce unwanted ambient light in the environment, which is called "light pollution".

Super Bright

LED warehouse lights are Super Bright that delivers 42,000 lumens with 5000K daylight white light. LED stadium lights are like angels shining on you.

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