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Psychologist Reveals: Why 2021’s Candle Trends Are Good for Our Health Shutterstock/Parilov

Psychologist Reveals: Why 2021’s Candle Trends Are Good for Our Health

Written by  Jan 16, 2021

It’s no surprise that many people use candles as a form of self-care - certain scents are proven to impact our mood by making us feel more relaxed, joyful, or even energised. And recently, candle making trends took over TikTok which led searches for 'soy candle making kits' to increase by 3,500%!

So, with Blue Monday on its way (18th Jan), OnBuy’s Health and Beauty Department investigated how candles can affect us psychologically, and which of our favourite candle trends are looking most popular in the year ahead.

OnBuy exclusively spoke with Lee Chambers, psychologist and wellbeing expert, who explains how candles can boost our mood when stuck inside.



"As humans, our olfactory system has a close relationship with our brain, and therefore certain scents can impact our mood. This is particularly powerful as we associate smells with experiences, which come with attached emotions. Because our olfactory system is linked to the areas of the brain that deal with learning and emotions, scents can also directly impact how we feel. While part of the benefits come from a psychosomatic belief, and our memories of experiencing the scent previously, studies have shown that citrus notes can energise us and elevate our mood, floral fragrances can promote elements of joy and a feeling of being grounded, and lavender brings a relaxed feeling of serenity.

With the continued working from home situation, have a think about incorporating scented candles into your home office or educating space. If you want to be more productive, go for a citrus or mint-based candle. If you are expecting a stressful day, lavender or jasmine can take the edge off and keep that calm confidence flowing.

While it is important to light candles in the room you are occupying for the impact of the scent, it’s important to consider the use of the room and the scent you are using to ensure you get the desired benefit."

Which candle trends are looking most popular in 2021?

1 Soy candle 35,350 (monthly searches) 

2 Body-shaped candle 19,310

3 Jackpot candle 7,920

4 Botanical candle 3,540

5 Star-shaped candle 2,790

6 Twist/spiral candle 2,060

7 Shell candle 1,280

8 Hand-shaped candle 1,200

9 Quartz candle 890

10 Candle pottery 860

OnBuy’s Health and Beauty Department discovered that soy candles are the most popular with 35,350 people searching for them each month! Soy burns cleaner, reduces the amount of indoor air pollution produced by normal candles, and burns longer than usual too – what’s not to love?

botanical candles 2021


The second biggest candle trend is body-shaped candles! Accumulating 19,310 searches each month from people looking to find female figure candles, this is the perfect addition to any homeware collection.

Jackpot candles place third, with 7,920 searches for the product each month on average. Jackpot candles include anything from rings to messages inside, and these secret surprises have clearly left many intrigued.

Following as the fourth most popular candle trend are botanical candles, with 3,540 plant-themed searches made each month. After unveiled that the top interior design trend of 2021 is rustic vogue, flower pressed candles are sure to fit right in!


Shutterstock/Prisca Laguna

In fifth and sixth positions are twist/spiral candles and shell candles with 2,060 and 1,280 searches made each month respectively.

Candles continue to grow in popularity as influencers around the world show them off as forms of self-care, new hobbies, or even businesses, and the monthly search volumes definitely illustrate this. OnBuy’s Health and Beauty Department found that 81,560 searches are made each month from people looking to hop on the latest candle trends!


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