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Data reveals THESE are the most searched PC Building questions! Image by Hannes Edinger from Pixabay

Data reveals THESE are the most searched PC Building questions!

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 12, 2021

Computers have increasingly become a part of our daily lives, and there is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to finding one best suited for your needs. But sometimes, pre-made technology just isn’t right, and many users opt to build their own PC.

Recent findings suggests that despite millennials being the most likely age group to build their own PC, 85% of millennials are unable to factory reset a laptop, whilst 70% do not understand what spam content is.

With this in mind, BroadbandDeals.com were eager to uncover the problems and queries that PC builders turn to Google to find.

By analysing global monthly average search volume data, BroadbandDeals.com can reveal the most commonly searched for PC building queries around the globe - 


Credit: Preechar Bowonkitwanchai/Shutterstock.com

There are more than 43,200 monthly searches around the globe for ‘how to build a PC/computer’. According to Google trends data, this is up 140% in the last 12 months!

The most searched for component when building a PC is a ‘water cooler’, with 59,100 average searches each month! This is almost 18x more than the average monthly searches for ‘fan cooler’, which sits at just 3,300. A comparison search of ‘fan cooler vs water cooler’ renders just 110 monthly average searches.

Finding the right graphics card is the next most important decision, with 55,470 monthly searches. Not far behind that is searching for the most compatible motherboard for your build, with 55,250 searches per month.

With only a handful of choices available, it is no surprise that ‘which is the best operating system’ and other related queries have a total of 17,570 searches a month!

Memory is the fourth most important component, with 16,400 monthly searches for how much RAM is best to suit your needs.

Finding the best monitor is the least searched for component, with only 8,080 searches a month for the best display – but whether that’s for gaming, working, or scrolling Facebook, it’s still an important choice.

As well as collating the most commonly searched questions for PC building, BroadbandDeals.com also surveyed 3,962 people around the globe to find out if they would consider building their own PC.

Of the 52% of respondents who hadn’t already built their own PC, almost half (47%) said they would in the future! Some of the contributing factors to why these people hadn’t done so already were cost, lack of knowledge, and lack of engineering ability.

Following on from this analysis, BroadbandDeals.com also wanted to explore further and looked to find the main issues non-PC builders faced and found the most confusing. After comparing four well-known laptop brands to find which was the most confusing, the results were as follows - 

Macbooks are the most confusing to take screenshots on as they have the highest monthly average searches for how to take a screenshot – 127,900!

HP users experience the most power-related issues (3,350), with Chromebook users not too far behind (3,320)

Dell users are more likely to have connectivity issues and turn to Google 2,300 times a month for answers on how to connect to Wi-Fi


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