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REVEALED: Which Hollywood Actor Has the Unluckiest Characters?

Written by  Dec 23, 2020

Many fans watch movies to distract them from their real lives, with action, adventure and romance engulfing their evening – but what about the actors who play these characters? Viewers particularly revel in misfortune and drama, so were intrigued to discover which top Hollywood actor is cursed with the unluckiest characters!

After scanning hundreds of movies and their scripts to calculate the number of deaths, divorces, injuries, arrests, attacks and accidents, created their own index and can finally reveal who is the unluckiest.

Which actor has the unluckiest characters?

The Hollywood actor with the unluckiest characters is Samuel L. Jackson, scoring a whopping 473 points out of a potential 800! Of all actors analysed, found that Samuel L. Jackson has the highest number movie deaths due to his roles in Goodfellas (1990), Kill Bill: Vol 2 (2004), Django Unchained (2012) and others. In his most successful films, Jackson’s characters mention and meet jail more frequently than any others on the list.

The second unluckiest actor is Robert Downey Jr. as his characters score 431 points in total! His high score can be attributed to his superhero character, Iron Man. Robert’s character in Avengers: End Game means he scores the highest number of points for injuries (100).

Bruce Willis takes the title of third unluckiest Hollywood actor, according to Scoring 405 points overall, his high unlucky ratings come from the number of injuries sustained and accidents among his five most successful films - largely as a result of his characters in Die Hard and Unbreakable. Additionally, Willis has the second highest number of deaths throughout his discography (27), behind Samuel L. Jackson.

Following in fourth and fifth position are Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth with 299 and 293 points respectively. After looking at all of his movies, Brad Pitt’s characters were found to have died 16 times – the fifth highest on the list. Pitt’s highest scores came from the injury factor, with most of his points attributed to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.


Which actor has the luckiest characters? can reveal that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has the luckiest characters, receiving just 86 points out of 800! In comparison to others, his most successful films are low in divorces, arrests and accidents. Although, his characters have died a total of ten times throughout his career with his role in The Scorpion King attributing unlucky factors such as death and injuries.

The second luckiest actor is Sandra Bullock, her characters’ unlucky score totals to just 99. Throughout all of her movies, Sandra’s characters have died just three times! In her five most successful films, her characters score low for dangerous accidents, jail and attacks.

The title of third luckiest actor is Cameron Diaz! With just five of her characters dying throughout her career, her unlucky score sits at 110. Although Charlie’s Angels often references injuries and accidents, her roles in Shrek and Bad Teacher make up for it with their luckiness.


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