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Reasons why online casinos are growing this year

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 23, 2020

Did you ever imagine that we would one day discuss the growth of the online casino industry in Poland? No one could imagine that? However, since the beginning of 2020, many things have changed.

It’s not just the Polish online casino industry that is recording growth this year but also other sectors. For instance, eCommerce has grown tremendously since the pandemic struck.

Could it be that the pandemic has steered the growth, or are there other factors? That is the question that our expert Jacek Michalski seeks to answer in this article. Continue reading to find out how he uses his vast knowledge to elaborate on the topic.

Reasons why online casinos are growing this year

Presence of virtual reality

Virtual reality has, for sure, brought a new dawn in the casino industry. Most players from Poland like playing their favourite games from virtual sites because it gives them a sense of reality. Additionally, virtual reality enables them to play virtual games, which leaves them with the experience they need. Such people don't have to leave their homes as they can get a near-real experience through online platforms.

Many popular casinos in Poland have also realized the rising demand for virtual gaming. They have risen to the occasion and introduced amazing virtual games. As a result, players from Poland and other people who were not in online gaming before are now fully into it. A good example is Kasyno Betsafe where gamblers can access hundreds of virtual games. The experience they get is magical such that they find every reason to keep playing.

A lot of effort in marketing

For every online gambling venture to become popular among people, there has to be extensive marketing. Similarly, online casinos have also done much regarding marketing. That is after considering the competition in the online gambling market in Poland.

They have put in place better marketing strategies to enable them to become popular among many players. Some Polish casino sites are using both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to market their services. That justifies why there has been tremendous growth this year.

Increased security and privacy

Everyone values the protection of their property. The essential property that everyone values is the personal data. How you handle your data and those you share it with will determine how secure it will be.


Similarly, players joining online casinos also ensure that the sites have a lock somewhere at the top of the site to show that they are under protection by SSL encryption.

Initially, some players complained that their data was not secure hence compelling the casino sites to integrate better security systems. That’s after considering the rising cases of cybercrime attack. Therefore, punters can now join a site and be sure that their data will be secure.

Availability of smart devices

Online gaming has become much easier for everyone because of smart devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. Players can now access their favourite games anywhere and play them at any time.

They don’t have to walk to a brick and mortar casino the way they would do initially. Playing from PC has also become convenient for some players too.

Availability of bonuses

The majority of the people get carried away when they hear about freebies. They also want to find out where they can find them. That’s what most of the online casinos realized and implemented accordingly.

There are currently various forms of bonuses such as sign-up bonuses, free spins, and other promotions in the majority of the casino platforms. They help the sites in enticing more players to join and play. As a result, the numbers keep growing since the new players also keep referring to their friends.

Availability of a variety of games

It becomes boring when players realize that the casino sites they have joined only have a limited number of games. However, that’s not the case with most of the casino sites this year. They have lots of games which the players can choose from. That gives them a chance to play their favourite games.

The above information shows that the online casino industry will continue growing to a bigger one globally. Players from Poland also have to support the quest by joining the sites since the online gambling revenue contributes massively to its growth.


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