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Latest Tech Trends in Education

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 23, 2020

We can all say that technology has positively shaped the education sector. When compared to past decades, the education sector has transformed, and many more technologies keep arising. There technologies such as advanced analytics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence even doing high school essay writing for you. Let us now highlight some of the technologies in the education sector below - 

• Artificial Intelligence

Among the technologies, Artificial Intelligence has played a vital role in changing the education sector. AI connects data with machine learning to make appropriate conclusions. Many industries, among them, the education sector, is using this trend to improve productivity.

Apart from using large volumes of data to conclude, technology also helps create a customized learning experience. Artificial intelligence supports the pedagogical model, which includes algorithms to personalize content and adaptive learning. The technology allows colleges and universities to use available data to analyze retention rates, the program's performance, and intervention needs. Studying artificial intelligence opens a world of opportunities and it will help you land a good job with an Artificial Intelligence course online.

• Mobile learning

Many schools encourage students to use smartphones in class, especially during quizzes, polls, and other collaborations. In the business world, many companies prefer employees who have smartphones to use the latest applications to fulfill business activities.

Since the trend is extending to employment life, mobile learning is becoming an essential part of students' education sector.

• Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics and big data are among the tech trends that have been existing for a while now. However, many educational institutions haven't figured out how such technology can turn out productive with the data collected on students' survey platforms.

In a real sense, the data collected can be analyzed and used to involve students, improve retention rates, and increase enrollment.

According to McKinsey & Company, tech trend can help in the following ways - 

• Promote students personalized learning

• Different teaching styles to specific students

• Enhance bespoke

The technology can help teachers modify their learning strategy to target specific student populations and help students struggling with metrics at advanced levels.

Above all, the tech also enables teachers to evaluate students and group them according to their understanding levels. In the end, every student has an opportunity to shine in their ways.

• Personalization

In most cases, you will realize that most educational tech trends have one thing in common: customization. Since students have different levels of understanding, most upcoming technologies in education focus on meeting the needs of every student.

Personalization is essential, especially in a world where the demand for time is continuously increasing. Just like in businesses, customers play a vital role in the company's success story. The same applies to the school environment. Students are like customers, and their needs must be met to their full potential. That is why the personalization tech trend stands out as the golden one in the field of education.

• Mixed reality

Mixed reality falls between virtual reality and Augmented reality. Augmented uses a headset or smartphones to explain images or content in a real environment. On the other hand, virtual reality converts the user's imaginations into virtual simulations. So, mixed reality is the combination of the two.


Most organizations are using the latest technologies to enhance productivity in various sectors. The same applies to the education sector. Since technology is changing faster, students must be prepared early enough to face the tech world. That is why more education trends are coming up.


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