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Amaryllis in number 1 spot Amaryllis in number 1 spot Fon Tepsoda / Shutterstock

The Most Instagrammable Christmas Plants Revealed!

By  Dec 02, 2020

We are officially in season to start decorating our beloved Christmas trees! But if you’re lacking in space or struggling to find the perfect gift for a significant other, an alternative is to look into houseplants.

With plant inspiration blooming everywhere on social media, scoured Instagram to find the most popular festive houseplants.

The results are as follows - 

Amaryllises take the lead as the most popular festive plant with a massive 559,159 Instagram posts. This flower is popular at Christmas due to its show-stopping blooms and low maintenance care - a convenient gift for busybodies!

In second place are poinsettias with 465,792 Instagram posts dedicated to the plant. Native to Central America, they are well known for their green and red foliage making them a merry festive flower. They require sunlight to survive and so are best left in areas with natural light as they get confused with artificial light.


Poinsettias - Jet Cat Studio / Shutterstock

Third place goes to the iconic snowdrop - the flower has 396,394 posts on Instagram. Although typically found in spring, snowdrops can start growing in autumn and become beautiful decorative Christmas pieces. The flower symbolises purity and the ability to overcome challenges - the perfect household plant for the eventful year we’ve all had!

snowdrops in ice and snow

Snowdrops - Tsekhmister / Shutterstock

Kalanchoes, an evergreen plant, rank fourth with 388,330 Instagram posts. These succulents are a common household plant which grow into beautiful red, gold, pink and yellow flowers to be admired by your family, friends and even social media.

In fifth are pansies with 246,506 Instagram posts. Pansies usually start blooming during autumn and thrive until spring, making it an ideal long-lasting present. They come in a variety of colours, with their red flowers a shade as deep as rubies - they’re sure to evoke Christmas romanticism!

Cyclamens (222,031) and Christmas cacti (167,536) rank sixth and seventh respectively. Their bright and colourful flowers also make them a classic Christmas houseplant and gift.

Other notable festive houseplants which made the top 10 are - 

8. Phalaenopsis orchid - 146,970 Instagram posts

9. Hellebore - 84,927 Instagram posts

10. Christmas rose - 70,268 Instagram posts

Methodology - collated “festive plants” lists online. Once the list was complete, MyJobQuote then used Instagram to analyse each plant’s popularity based on the number of hashtags made, including similar variations. The top 20 plants were then ranked based on the number of hashtags they had on the photo-sharing app, to determine which is the most popular. All data was collected on 30/11/2020 and is accurate as of then.


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