Monday, 30 November 2020
Lidl trainers create online buzz - would you pay 2,500 Euros for a pair? Lidl

Lidl trainers create online buzz - would you pay 2,500 Euros for a pair?

By  Nov 19, 2020

When you think of the German supermarket chain Lidl probably the first thing that pops into your head isn’t ultra-trendy trainers. But Lidl’s across Italy have been under siege from shoppers looking to snap up the limited edition Lidl Trainers, which went on sale for 12.99 Euros. These trainers are so sought after that they are now being sold on eBay for 2,480 Euros!

The sale of the Lidl shoes opened yesterday in Italy and within hours’ stores were sold out as many shoppers were waiting for shops to open to grab the shoes. It would appear from websites and social media that the main aim of these early bird shoppers was to buy these trainers to resale online.

Analysts estimate that this mysterious interest in the "Lidl Fan Collection" sneakers shows the law of the market - limited supply has caused great demand.

They can be found on eBay on sale for crazy prices, but still the average price of this Lidl item is between 50 and 100 Euros, which is a tidy profit if you bought them for less than 13 Euros. Even online auctions have been organized, writes Corriere della sera.

And not only has social media been alive with people selling the trainers, which are designed in the Lidl colours, but also with people joking with the popularity of the colourful sneakers. Could Lidl have started a shoe trend with these trainers?


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