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IoT - Increasing through the pandemic Pixabay

IoT - Increasing through the pandemic

Written by  Nov 11, 2020

The majority of the nations are into their 9th month of the pandemic. While we've witnessed tremendous shifts in business and private life also, there are still raising markets, mainly as a result of the power of enterprise software.

As a result of electronic tools, many companies were able to keep their employees safe and working at the same time. Work from home becomes from additional benefits companies used for differentiation, among the most used concepts during the pandemic. Nowadays work from home is much more of a fundamental necessity than an excess benefit for companies that can use digital work. And this leads to the rise of IoT systems.

But how?

A shift in consumer behaviour

But this shift in our own lives impacted many markets otherwise. Thus the growth of eCommerce and its complementary companies in addition to the growth of fitness and wellness programs. Additionally, we witnessed a growth in interior design related goods.

As people spend most of their times at home, they want to

-remain healthy and compensate for the lack of physical activity,

-they need to be emotionally healthy compensating for the absence of social interaction and

-spend more in the comfort of their home offices.

Company giants entering the wearable devices market

These changes in consumer behaviour proved very soon recognized by the largest companies. So they entered the marketplace of wearables fueled by IoT.

Apple's only announced its Fitness+. Amazon got into this market with Halo, its health & wellness manufacturer. Fitbit offers its clients guidance via its program Fitbit Premium.

IoT and the wearable devices market size

According to data from the International Data Corporation, this year we will see a total of 396 million wearable devices sent. This implies almost 15 per cent of growth in comparison to 2019. Regardless of the pandemic, this amount will rise to an expected 637 million in 2024.

There have been predictions that IoT will be increasingly important in the future. Hence the greater need for software developers in this industry experience.


At AROBS, the nearly 1000 IT experts are working on verticals based on business experience. The IoT vertical is hence creating software for jobs implying little devices to more elaborate ones such as home automation and farming.

Every sign point to a prosperous future for businesses venturing into IoT.


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