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Fitbit Test Reveals Knitting to be The Most Relaxing Hobby You Should Take Up This Year

Written by  Nov 07, 2020

Today being aware of stress is important for our well-being, and with all the changes and uncertainty currently, it’s important to look after our mental wellbeing. A study by Psychological Sciences Professor, Matthew J. Zawadski at the University of California found that engaging in a mentally stimulating hobby reduces stress levels.

With this in mind the experts at examined the hobbies that most reduce our stress levels.

A survey was completed by 2,379 people, including 163 people completing the Fitbit test to find out if the most relaxing hobby and the most loved hobby complemented on another.

The Fitbit data was collected by 357 British people between the ages of 20 – 30 years wearing a Fitbit while completing 20 various hobbies given. The data was collected over a few weeks and revealed which soothing task most relaxes our heartbeats. **

The top 20 most relaxing are as follows - 

First Place: Knitting

In first place is the hobby typically associated with nans, but with thanks to TikTok knitting has made quite the impression on the younger generation.
Sitting at an average of 65 beats per minute it is the most relaxing hobby you should be taking up this year. This hobby can decrease your average heart rate (80 beats per minute) by 18.75%.

Additionally, with a whopping 93% of people saying it’s their favourite you wouldn’t want to be the odd one out – so grab yourself a pair of those knitting needles!

Second Place: Fishing

Coming in second, is a Father’s Day favourite, fishing. With an average heart rate of 72 beats per minute, and a decreasing heart rate average of 10% - it’s no wonder why people are grabbing the bait and throwing a line.

Third Place: Blogging

Following closely behind is our keyboard enthusiasts, bloggers. Tapping away at your keyboard on average can decrease your resting heart rate to 7.5%.

Blogging as a hobby sits at an average of 74 beats per minute and got 72% of votes making it number six on the most popular hobby list.

Joint Third Place: Calligraphy

In joint third place is, the satisfying to watch hobby, calligraphy, with an average of 74 beats per minute. Like blogging, this can also decrease your resting heart rate to 7.5%. Yet, only 16% of people chose this as their favourite hobby.

Fifth Place: Painting

Following closely behind the on the artsy hobbies, is painting with an average of 77 beats per minute. This therapeutic hobby can decrease your resting heart rate to 3.75%. However, only 39% of people voted this as their chosen hobby.

Last Place: Biking

Coming in last is the ‘pedal to the metal’ hobby biking. It’s no wonder it is was awarded last place, as it has hearts racing at a whopping average of 175 beats per minute - over three times higher than the most relaxing hobby knitting. On average riding a bike can increase your resting heart rate to 118.75%!

most relaxing hobbies and their heart rates


** Your resting heart rate is measured by counting the number of beats per minute of your heart while you’re sitting still. A normal resting heart rate range is between 60 and 100 bpm.

1. 357 adults between the ages of 20 – 30 we tested and then gave them all 20 hobbies to do across multiple weeks.
2. Collected all heart rates for hobbies completed and then averaged out the heart from that hobby.
3. Surveyed 2,379 people to find out what they felt was most popular relaxing hobby.


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