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The Megaways Gaming Engine Explained The Megaways Gaming Engine Explained Pixabay

The Megaways Gaming Engine Explained

Written by  Oct 31, 2020

In 2020, online gaming is bigger than it has ever been before. With an estimated global value of $59 billion, it offers hours of entertainment for players across the globe, helping to make gambling more accessible and enjoyable than at any time throughout its long and storied history.

In response to this, thousands of online providers have emerged, creating a hugely healthy and vastly competitive market. Providing, between them, millions of games, bonuses, and promotions, these enterprises work alongside lots of different developers to bring the most innovative products to their ever-eager customers.

Slots, in particular, have seen lots of changes and improvements in recent years – in particular, via the development of the revolutionary Megaways engine. We take a look at how this has turned traditional play on its head and made for more exciting gaming for all.

The Megaways engine explained

innovative Megaways engine

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Before the invention of the innovative Megaways engine, there were only a set number of sequences that would reward players with a prize. This very much limited opportunities to win and made outcomes more predictable than casinos wanted them to be.

As a random modifier, the Megaways gaming engine changed this, working to alter the number of slot symbols that show per spin. This created a model whereby players are granted lots of chances to profit, with the game Fishin’ Frenzy acting as an ideal example. With 625 different ways to win, this title thus offers unparalleled opportunities to take home a prize.

If you’re unsure of exactly how this ensures a greater chance of winning, it’s because the number of sequences is increased – hence the reason that Big Time Gaming worked on developing the model.

Naturally, due to the popularity of such an engine, there are now lots of different titles that follow this formula.

How it works

As we touched on above, having more sequences available creates an increased chance of winning, which very much benefits and appeals to those who are playing. This means that, in order to score a payout, one only needs to match one of the many listed sequences.

Winning lineups can take a number of different forms, with paying combinations requiring only that matching symbols align left to right, with size being unimportant. Unlike traditional slots, these symbols do not even need to be linked.

To add an extra element of excitement, winning symbols in a combination can sometimes catalyze a reaction, with existing symbols being removed from the reels and new ones appearing in their places. If these then match a sequence, a further reward is on offer.

What really sets the Megaways engine apart, however, is that all prizes are multiplied by the stake amount, meaning players can potentially walk home with some exceptionally large earnings.

Why Megaways games are so popular

 Megaways games provide plenty of opportunities

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As we’ve mentioned, Megaways games provide plenty of opportunities to win as well as some great prizes, meaning it’s not all that difficult to understand why they’re popular. However, there’s a little more to it than that.

In addition, Big Time Gaming has produced some exceptionally fun titles based around their Megaways engine, with an incredible degree of variety and immersive and high-quality graphics on offer too.

What this does is set the company and its products apart, with players naturally gravitating toward the many benefits the Megaways engine can provide. Would you be tempted to give these games a spin and see what they’re like for yourself?

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