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If Europeans were to vote President Trump wouldn’t stand a chance - states new report

Written by  Oct 28, 2020

If the citizens of the European Union were to decide in the next US presidential election, incumbent President Donald Trump would have no chance, according to a survey by the Bertlesmann Foundation published on Wednesday.

"Only 17 percent of those polled would vote for Donald Trump, 45 percent would vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden," the Bertersmann Foundation in Gueterslohe said in a statement.

But at the same time, 38 per cent of those polled at EU level would not vote for any of the candidates. The only country where Trump would win would be Poland, where 38 percent of those polled would vote for the incumbent president. Trump enjoys the weakest support in Germany, where 10 percent of those polled would vote for him. The survey also showed low confidence in US democracy, which for many years served as a political model for European countries, and especially for Germany, reports HINA.

"EU citizens' trust in American democracy is low. Fifty-two percent of those polled believe the US democratic system is not working," the statement said. In Germany, 61 percent of respondents believe in the dysfunctionality of American democracy.

The only country that has confidence in the functionality of American democracy is again Poland. EU citizens feel that ties with the US have weakened, but they still see the country as a much more important partner than China.

"Four years of Donald Trump's rule have left their mark. EU citizens do recognize the importance of Euro-Atlantic relations, but they are sober when it comes to what is important for these relations," said Isabell Hoffmann, one of the study's authors.

The study was conducted on a sample of 14,000 respondents with data for the EU and especially for Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The survey was also conducted in Croatia, but the number of respondents is too small for a special evaluation of data.

"We also conducted a survey in Croatia, but the sample is too small to make reliable statements for this EU member state," Hoffmann said when asked by Hina.

The Bertelsmann Foundation deals with political and social issues and publishes on a regular basis studies that meet with a strong media response in Germany.


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