Monday, 30 November 2020
Why the EU’s 5G Action Plan Is Good News for Online Casinos in Croatia and Everyone Else Pixabay

Why the EU’s 5G Action Plan Is Good News for Online Casinos in Croatia and Everyone Else

By  Oct 27, 2020

The EU executive has sounded a warning shot to Croatia over the development of 5G technology in the country. In a recent interview with EURACTIV, the EU made it clear that any member states who had yet to introduce 5G networks in at least one major city would be in breach of European Union law. Online casinos are set to benefit the most as the adoption of 5G and mobile technologies is critical to their operations. However, the boost to the digital casino sector could also permeate throughout Croatia’s economy and help others.

Digital Casinos & Other Online Businesses

The development of mobile technologies is bound to help all online businesses since fifth-generation software is more powerful, reliable and wide-reaching than WiFi. Online casinos stand to gain the most from the news the EU is pushing Croatia’s leaders to act, since greater adoption of high-speed internet means a greater pool of gamers. Apart from the likes of online scratchcards and casino games which are optimised for mobile play being quicker to run, a lot of other online services, such as video and music, will be easier to view or download as a direct knock-on effect. This is because the technology will allow better access to all online companies, democratizing business. As a result, companies should experience a broader reach and fewer obstacles, encouraging the eCommerce industry to flourish.

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads are people who only require a fast internet connection to work. Obviously, a boost to Croatia’s internet infrastructure will allow them to earn money regardless of their location, and this will be the case once 5G pioneer frequencies are assigned to operators. Croatia is expected to be a welcoming home for them because the requirement to get on board with the EU’s 5G Action Plan is twinned with the Foreigners Act. The FA is a proposal that is aimed at tourists, particularly those who plan on traveling and earning money in the country. The act on its own might not be enough for millennial nomads; however, the fact that online casinos and other big businesses are adopting 5G will make fifth-gen software less avoidable and hopefully extend its permeation, which could lead to freelancers using Croatia as their work base.


Digital Citizens

Unfortunately, the internet capabilities in Croatia aren’t up to the same standard as the rest of Europe, yet it’s not as if the demand is lower. Internet traffic in Q2 increased by 50% compared to the same period in 2019. Data traffic for mobile phones was 58% higher in April this year relative to April 2019. However, outages are common, with Hrvatski Telekom encountering a major problem that led to telecommunication shortages at the beginning of October. The good news for Croatian citizens is that the advancement of 5G capabilities should limit future downtime and bring the nation up to speed with local demand.

Several groups will benefit from the EU’s 5G Action Plan, but it might be Croatia itself that profits the most.


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