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EU travellers could avoid quarantine – Covid-19 test regime planned Shutterstock

EU travellers could avoid quarantine – Covid-19 test regime planned

By  Oct 13, 2020

Travellers across Europe could avoid quarantine if a plan to introduce a comprehensive coronavirus testing regime is implemented, reports The Telegraph.

The European Commission wants testing to be the "preferred" alternative to quarantine for travellers and has commissioned health experts to draw up protocols.

Under the plan, there will need to be mutual recognition of coronavirus tests in countries that want to allow travellers to enter from abroad, for work or leisure, in order to shorten or completely circumvent quarantine if a negative coronavirus test is presented.

Britain is also expected to be part of the plan until it leaves the European Union at the end of the year, but could remain part of it after Brexit, writes The Telegraph.

Last week, EU members harmonized the criteria for marking regions by the number of infected, which should help end the current confusing situation caused by the different definition of zones.

According to The Telegraph, the agreed guidelines should be confirmed on Tuesday at a meeting of foreign ministers.


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