Monday, 06 April 2020
Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.


The Croatian national football team and coach Zlatko Dalic were supposed to travel to Doha today, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is now in their homes.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring, so each of them made a video, urging for everybody not to leave their homes during this hard times.

- Be smart, serious and responsible - stay at home too to protect yourself and others! – the footballers said.

You can watch the video below.

The City of Dubrovnik has received a number of reports from citizens about persons who present themselves as officials who disinfect apartments in order to enter the apartments and homes of our fellow citizens. 

- Don't let strangers into your homes! – the City of Dubrovnik wrote. 

Unfortunately, these are scammers who shamelessly and without emotions use current circumstances and people's fears to reach your homes using various tricks and then rob you.

They are neatly dressed in protective gear. Be suspicious, do not open the door or suspicious officials until they first show you the official document of the institution they represent (police officers, bankers, electricians, repairers, internet installers, etc.).

In case of doubt, call 192 immediately, report such cases and remember as many details as possible to assist the police in the process of detecting and apprehending the perpetrator. In particular, warn older people and children not to be gullible and increase their dose of caution when facing unannounced visits of strangers. The members of the Civil Protection of the City of Dubrovnik are dressed in official blue uniforms with the Civil Protection coat of arms, inform your household of their appearance and logo (on the photo).

-We urge for extra caution, do not fall for these attempts so that you do not become a victim of theft – the City of Dubrovnik wrote.

During the night, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) recorded a series of reports of new earthquakes in Zagreb.

The first was recorded at 1:59, the second at 3am, the third at 5:15, the fourth at 5:26 and the fifth at 6:52 – reports.

The Seismological Service of Croatia confirmed that several earthquakes were recorded during the night.

The strongest was the one at 3 am., and the magnitude was 3.1 per Richter, the Seismological Service told

The Office of Emergency Management, as well as all Civil Protection services and volunteers worked all night, received about five thousand applications for rapid damage assessment, and more than 500 rapid field assessments were processed on Sunday.

Yesterday, a tent settlement was erected on Frano Tudjman Square, 59 people stayed in Cvjetno naselje, meals were distributed throughout the Donji grad, construction companies cleared corridors, and communal traffic police marked buildings in cooperation with the Zagreb Police Department.

According to, General Civil Protection units assisted in the evacuation and clearing of hospitals. In cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Zagreb, the transport of immovable persons from buildings that were significantly disturbed by static was done.

Fire bursted at the island of Mljet last night, but thanks to the reaction of firefighter is now localized and will be under control for some time. 

As Dubrovacki vjesnik have learned from the commander of Public Fire Station Mljet, Mario Dabelic, the fire that broke out last night at the area of Babino Polje is localized. The total area caught with fire is 4 hectares, and the cause of the fire is agricultural work related to burning of weed.

Due to the strong wind, the fire was put under control around 3 am, and is monitored until further notice. A number of 20 firefighters participated in this action with five fire trucks from the Public Fire Station, as well as five firefighters from Volunteer Fire Departmanet with two fire trucks.

Because of the new development of the current situation of the coronavirus spread, as well as the instructions of the Civil Protection Staff, the company Sanitat Dubrovnik and the City of Dubrovnik have decided to take another security measure in the parking payment system from Saturday, March 21st.

-To minimize your contact with areas that can potentially transmit viruses (billing devices, etc.), there will be no citywide parking charge in the next 30 days! We want to provide all the extra protection to our customers, as well as our employees who work as parking check controllers and parking lot workers – Sanitat stated.

They urged everybody once again to contact as few people as possible to stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible.

-Stay in the comfort and safety of your own homes - Sanitat posted.

While there were people with nasty comments on this sort of measure, we still have to keep in mind those who need to go to work every day and therefore, use parking.

In a time of uncertainty, especially when it comes finances, the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic made a decision to reduce the utility costs for all taxpayers.

According to this decision, the utility cost will be reduced by 15 percent.

Reduced utility bills for Dubrovnik citizens will begin to arrive in the coming week, while all those who have already paid their utility bills for the first three months will receive an allowance deduction.

The total annual relief in this way is 7.5 million kuna, which will reduce the budget's revenue on this basis.

The City of Dubrovnik continuously implements and plans measures to protect its citizens from the coronavirus epidemic, as well as measures to assist socially deprived persons and vulnerable groups. Therefore, in the coming period, the City will present a package of measures that will recognize those citizens who have lost their jobs due to the crisis caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus.

At the moment, two people are being hospitalized at Dubrovnik General Hospital for coronavirus treatment and their general condition is good. 

Another case of coronavirus infection in Dubrovnik is a man who returned from skiing in Bulgaria with his family on Wednesday and immediately put himself in isolation.

He is now in isolation at a hospital in Dubrovnik. Their general condition is good.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 48 samples have been sent from the Dubrovnik General Hospital, of which two are positive. 32 hospital staff have also been tested, and so far, 18 findings have been negative and 14 were pending. In the meantime, results came and luckily - all are negative!

There are 311 people in self-isolation in the county based on border crossing documents and an additional 26 Dubrovnik Airport employees as contacts of the first case of coronavirus in Dubrovnik.

In accordance with the decision of the National Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Republic of Croatia, the process of border control during the day at the port of Gruz was approached by the ship La Belle de'l Adri Adriatique. Only a crew that is self-isolated is on board, and it remains at anchorage near Daksa (no contact with land) until the 14-day deadline.

Only emergency personnel are still working at Dubrovnik Airport after all civilian air traffic was stopped yesterday.

By the decision of Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic, all employees of the City of Dubrovnik, including institutions owned by the City, will recieve salaries reduced by 10 percent from April st, 2020, and that financial measure will be in effect until financial recovery.

The City of Dubrovnik continuously monitors the development of the situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic and implements and plans further measures, primarily to protect its citizens from health threats.

Also, the priority of the City of Dubrovnik is to enable the financial functioning, especially of all urgent services and socially vulnerable persons and vulnerable groups.

In cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Dubrovnik will implement all measures in accordance with the Government program and in the forthcoming period will present a package of measures that will identify those citizens who have lost their jobs due to the crisis caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus.

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