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Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.

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Taiwan Ambassador, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Vanessa Yea-Ping Shih had a meeting with Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic and European Parliament member Dubravka Suica on her first official visit to Dubrovnik.

- We want to promote tourism and cultural co-operation and economic exchange - the ambassador said, pointing out that half of Taiwanese citizens are traveling abroad. Their number as tourists in Croatia is growing and there are about 100,000 annually visitors from Taiwan.

On the meeting, there were also talks about possible investments in Croatia, which the mayor of Dubrovnik welcomed, pointing out that investors are welcome, but we would certainly like to see more investment in non-tourism sectors, such as IT technology. Ambassador Yea-Ping Shih that they can help with applying smart city solutions, which is currently very actual in all the developed cities in the world.

As part of this tour, the Ambassador of Taiwan visited several cities on the Croatian coast.

Dubrovnik Airport is negotiating with Air Transat, a Canadian low-cost leisure airline, over the introduction of direct flights from Canada – writes EX-YU Aviation News.

If negotiations go well, this will be the second long haul service for Dubrovnik. First was announced a couple of weeks ago when American Airlines have confirmed that a direct connection between America and Dubrovnik will be operated in the 2019 summer season. America Airlines, the world’s largest airline, will fly direct from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik and this will be the first direct scheduled connection since the early 1990s.

When it comes to Air Transat and its connection with Croatia, it's good to know that it has been flying to Zagreb over the summer months since 2016 and this year added four one-way services from the Croatian capital to Montreal – EX-YU Aviation News write, adding that Air Transat's leisure division offers both seven and fourteen-night travel packages to various cities across Croatia, including Dubrovnik, through its Zagreb service.

The website also brings the statement from the company, saying that they are continouously looking for new opportunities, including Croatia. They are expected to announce its 2019 summer flying schedule by mid-October. Fingers crossed!

Moderate earthquake shook the south of Croatia one hour after midnight.

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the magnitude was 3.1 per Richter, its epicenter was 7 kilometers in the Adriatic Sea and 30 kilometers from Lumbarda on Korcula, as well as 81 kilometers from Dubrovnik.

In the last couple of weeks, there were few more earthquakes with different intensities in this part of the country.

Website Discoverer has recently published an article titled ''Five Destinations Limiting Tourists - and Where to Go Instead'' and sadly, Dubrovnik found its place on this list too with Barcelona, Maya Bay, The Galápagos Islands and even Machu Picchu.

- A visit to Dubrovnik's historic old town is a highlight of any Croatian vacation, but the crowds that pack its narrow streets and passageways don't make for a quality visitor experience. This overcrowding is exacerbated by cruise ships, which disgorge their passengers in great numbers, swelling the population for a few hours before boarding again. Add to that the increased awareness of the city from its starring role in the ridiculously popular Game of Thrones and you've got yourself a problem of epic proportions – writes the Discoverer, adding that the authorities have been forced to act, capping the number of people who can walk the crumbling ramparts to a safe 4000 a day quota.

Instead of Dubrovnik, they suggest their readers to visit Ohrid in Macedonia.
- Instead of trying to be one of the lucky ones who gets a ticket to Dubrovnik's sites, try the delightful town of Ohrid in nearby Macedonia. It has charm in spades, from its lakeshore eateries to the ancient churches and monasteries that seem to litter every street corner. Set on the oldest lake in Europe, the city has a rich history that will delight you - especially when enjoy without jostling crowds – Discoverer concludes.

By gathering in front of the Sponza Palace and a symbolic stroll across Stradun, for the fourth year in a row, Women's Bank Walk was marked in Dubrovnik. An amount of 4157.32 euros was collected by the donations of participants, tourists who could not attend a symbolic walk and paid money directly to the account and donations of 30 euros for each participant from the Finnish sponsors. This put Dubrovnik on the second place after Helsinki with the funds collected, out of a total of 74 cities across Europe where the action was held the same day.

The money is intended to improve the quality of life of women in underdeveloped countries, in terms of education and training.

Year after year symbolic walks for women are getting bigger, and the Finnish representative of Women's Bank Tarja Wingren hopes to continue to expand: - Women's Bank Walk was held in 70 cities last year, during which 89 thousand euros have been raised for a better future for women in underdeveloped countries. This year we are even bigger, and years show that we are moving uphill. Dubrovnik is the only city in Croatia in which this action is being held, and I hope that the rest of Croatia will join us in the future – Dubrovacki vjesnik writes.

The charity walk was started by the Women's Bank (Naisten Pankki), which was founded in 2007, when a group of Finnish business women came back from Liberia, where they’ve seen poverty. In 11 years of operation, they raised more than 10 million euros to fight poverty. They aimed on women and their ability to work independently and earn money. The idea is to educate them and in this way help themselves to earn a living, because they raise the quality of life of women as well as children and ultimately the entire community.

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One England football fan didn't take it too well when England lost the semi-final World Cup match against Croatia on July 11th. He punched a police horse and now has been handed a community order, as reported by numeros media in England. 

Scott Spurling, 23 year old England fan, was watching a game before starting the fight. Ron Ganfield, a former Premier Leauge match official, tried to pull him away and was the first who was kicked by Spurling.

Police Sergant David Williams tried to break up the crowd, while riding the police horse Quantock. As they went through the crowd, Spurling punched the horse on the left side of his head. 

But that wasn't the end of it: Spurling then punched PC Mark Hodder, who attempted to arrest him. He was then taken to the ground and later charged with assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty. He was also charged with beating and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

- Spurling admitted the three charges - and on Thursday, he was sentenced by North Somerset Magistrates' Court to a 10-week community order. During this period, he will have to abide by a curfew from 7pm to 7am. He was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mr Ganfield at a rate of £10 per week. Spurling has lost his job as a support worker and is signed off sick from work – it's reported by Sky News.


Sudden pollution of the sea on the beach of the Hotel Libertas Rixos was reported and today the Public Health Institute of Dubrovnik-Neretva County sampled the sea. 

According to information from the County Public Health Institute, the Libertas public sewage pumping station has been shut down due to power supply shortages, and the failure was removed during the morning hours.

There is ared flag on the beach, according to a statement by Doctor Ante Lakic, Director of the Institute: - The sea sample analysis is in progress. Because of the pollution of the sewage water from the drainage system, it is not recommended to swim until further notice – it's said in the announcement.

Former Croatian tennis ace and winner of Wimbledon in 2001, Goran Ivanisevic and his wife Nives, welcomed their first child. 

- Little Oliver Ivanisevic is born. Nives and Goran, we congratulate you and send you kisses – it was published at Narodni radio where Nives works, along with the photo of the couple. Many say that they chose the name Oliver to honour one of the greatest Croatian musicians, Oliver Dragojevic, who passed away in July.

The couple got married last year in Zagreb under the veil of secret. Soon, it was discovered that Nives is pregnant and she was more than proud to show her baby bump all over the media. This is her first baby, while Goran has two children with ex-wife Tatjana Dragovic.


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