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Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.


Two ATMs, which, without the permission of the conservators, were set up in Siroka Street and for which the City of Dubrovnik Municipal Office issued a Removal Order, have been removed from this location. These are ATMs that the owners themselves have decided to remove in accordance with the Decision based on the Amendments to the Decision on the municipal order, with which the City of Dubrovnik has prohibited the placement of ATMs and other devices in openings of buildings in the historic core.

Following the adoption of the decision, the City Council conducted administrative procedures involving ATMs without valid approvals. After the 30-day deadline has expired, and if the decision is not followed, the City of Dubrovnik Municipal Police will repeatedly punish violators.

Some have already opted to remove improperly installed devices to avoid paying high fines. Penalties, in case of non-compliance with the Decision, will be issued on a daily basis, and they can go up to 200 thousand or even 1 million kuna.

The City of Dubrovnik is the first Croatian city to regulate the issue of the establishment of ATMs, which have started to undermine the appearance of UNESCO's monumental heritage.

Clay Harbor, versatile American celebrity, is currently spending his vacation in Croatia. Famous American football player and reality star has shared a couple of photos from Korcula on his official Instagram profile, with a simple caption: Finding paradise wherever I go. The photos collected almost 10 thousand likes and numerous comments of people wishing to visit our beautiful country.

Harbor, who has also been a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Patriots, Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints is currently well known to wide public, especially women, because of reality show Bachelor in Paradise, which he has joined as a former Bachelorette contestant. He won hearts of many when he competed in Bachelorette serial, but had to leave early because of injury.



All of this is making Harbor one of the most desirable bachelors in America. However, in the last couple of days, his fans are not delighted just by his looks – they also admire the beauty of Croatia, especially Korcula on many photos and stories shared by Harbor.

Interesting exhibition by photographer Marko Ercegovic called Festival Backstage will take you behind the scenes of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, where this photographer captured numerous interesting events, usually not seen by public, that are an important part of Festival. The photo exhibition by Marko Ercegovic will be opened in the atrium of Sponza Palace on Saturday, August 17th at 9 pm.

One of the official photographers of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival Marko Ercegovic, in his long photographic career, made a big mark in theater photography. Although he otherwise captures great photos of the actors on stage, Marko Ercegovic is focusing his lens this summer on working behind the scenes; tailors, stage workers, directors and actors just before or after the show, as well as after the events at the Festival Palace, gathering moments in the photo archive that the audience would not normally see.

The author of the catalog of the exhibition, Helena Puhara, writes that this exhibition is “a tribute to the workers, artists and the audience. All those without whom the end product - a show or concert - would not be possible. Through photographic diaries, Marko introduces us to the space 'behind' as well as the space 'before'. In the photos we follow the set design, costume designers in action, drivers, various office jobs, tense actors, cleaners. We are following a different world from the more-less-known moment when we are directed to a particular place in the theater. In the space 'behind' and the space 'before' everyone is equally important and everyone is involved in a joint activity that aims to present to the audience some work of art."

Around 150 photographs will be presented in the Sponza Palace atrium on Saturday, August 17th at 9 pm and the exhibition will remain open until the closing of the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival on August 25th, after which it will be moved to Zagreb within the KIC space as part of of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival program in Zagreb.

Virtuoso, the leading association of travel organizers in the luxury tourism segment,nominated Croatian Tourist Board for the Best Tourist Organization in the World in 2019. The 2019 Virtuoso Award Ceremony was held last night in Las Vegas as part of the Virtuoso Travel Week, and the Best Tourist Organization award went to Switzerland. The final selection also included national tourist organizations of Australia, New Zealand and Slovenia. This nomination is also a confirmation that Virtuoso has recognized the innovation and creativity in the work of the Croatian National Tourist Board, as well as the potential of Croatia as a destination for luxury tourism.

-We are extremely pleased that the Croatian National Tourist Board has competed in the final selection for the best tourist organization in the world. The nomination itself among the top five national tourism organizations is a big deal and recognition for a small country like Croatia. This recognition is even more important to us when it comes from a reputable association like Virtuoso, which further confirms the excellent position our country has on an important US market. This is the result of the work and contributions of all tourism professionals who are committed to promoting and developing Croatian tourism throughout the year. This will certainly be a great boost for our further work, and on this occasion I thank all my colleagues for their dedicated work and contribution - said Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that positive trends are confirmed by US tourist traffic, showing an eight percent increase in arrivals and overnight stays in July.

Also, Croatia is among the top five fastest growing destinations on the US market, which is confirmed by the strong growth of tourist traffic in recent years. When it comes to the last year, in Croatia about 585 thousand arrivals and 1.6 million overnight stays were generated from the US market, which represents a growth of 22 percent in arrivals and 18 percent in overnight stays compared to 2017. Positive trends were also maintained in 2019, during which a high 11 percent growth was recorded in arrivals and overnight stays. The additional importance of this market is evidenced by data from the TOMAS survey, conducted by the CNTB in cooperation with the Institute of Tourism, according to which American tourists are the best consumers with an average of 158 euros daily consumption.

Virtuoso's nomination was also commented by Ina Rodin, director of the Croatian Tourist Bord Representative Office in New York.
-In recent years, Croatian Tourist Bord has achieved valuable success and recognition in the North American market, and the Virtuoso nomination is of great importance as it confirms that Croatia has finally entered the company of leading destinations for guests of refined taste and deep pocket. This is also the second nomination for Croatia, which confirms to all stakeholders of Croatian tourism that their work is recognized on the American market - Rodin said.

In addition to the category for the best tourist organization, Virtuoso also gave awards in other categories, so the Croatian agency Calvados Club Luxury Travel from Split won the prestigious award in the category "Best on-site partner", in a large competition of agencies specializing in luxury travel from France , Italy, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Virtuoso is a network of top US luxury travel agencies with more than 20 thousand advisors worldwide, with an annual turnover of more than 26.4 billion dollars. The Virtuoso network includes more than 1,800 partners, including top-class hotels and resorts, tour operators, airlines, agencies, and the main goal of the network is to offer clients in-depth and unforgettable trips. Croatian members of this prestigious network are Calvados Club Luxury Travel, Leonidas Travel, Fortuna Travel, as well as Villa Dubrovnik hotels, Boutique Hotel Alhambra, and this year's Monte Mulini. The network of Croatian members is expected to expand further as there are hotels that also meet the high standards and criteria of Virtuoso, a community that is extremely important for the development and growth of luxury tourism.

Good news for all the drivers in Croatia! Petrol prices went down quite a lot.

This morning petrol prices across the country are 9.99 kuna, going down from last week's 10.33 kunas per litre. Diesel also fell from 9.81 kunas a litre yesterday to today’s new price of 9.56 kuna.

The price of gas oil was also reduced down to 5.05 kuna from last week's 5.32. Only autogas price went up – from 4.39 kunas last week to 4.4 kuna today.

Fourth and the last performance of the folklore ensemble Lindo on the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be held tonight, on Tuesday, August 13th, starting at 9.30 pm at the Revelin terrace. 

Lindo first appearance at the 70th Festival was marked by a collaboration with Cultural-Art Society Jedinstvo from Split, which this year marks one hundred years of existence, and the program of the remaining festival performance, will bring, among other points, an excerpt from the traditional Konavle toast which will be spoken by the director of the Folklore Ensemble Lindo Vlaho Kljunak. The program also includes the indispensable Dubrovnik dance lindo, Bunjevci dances and Vrlika wheel, old Split dances, Zapresic dances, as well as Podravski svati prepared for last season.

The performances of the Lindo Folklore Ensemble at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival have traditionally been followed by prolonged applause with the standing ovation of the audience.

Since 1967, the Lindo Folklore Ensemble has performed regularly at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and has successfully promoted the name of Dubrovnik and Croatia in numerous guest appearances around the world. Lindo dance is on the list of protected intangible cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia.

Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic received in a protocol visit the commanders of two navy ships of the Hellenic Republic, RODOS and HYDRA, Stergios Poylios and Stavros Polydorou with a delegation, accompanied by the Croatian Navy liaison, officer Frano Dolic.

Two ships with cadets are training in Croatian waters, and they are staying in Dubrovnik until August 14th. As they said, Dubrovnik is particularly interesting to them because of its rich maritime tradition and history, which Deputy Tepsic introduced to them in more detail. In addition to their historical heritage, they were also interested in the current situation in Dubrovnik, as well as the wartime and its consequences. They were also delighted to see how the city looks today.

The cultural and entertainment program 'Ulicama grada Grada' (On the streets of our City), organized by the City of Dubrovnik continues this week, with the vocal groups FA Lindo, Poklisari, Kolafjaka, Kase and Ibrica Jusic.

This week, the schedule is as follows:

Monday, August 12th - vocal group FA Lindo, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery from 10:30 pm;

Tuesday, August 13th – vocal group Poklisari, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery from 10:30 pm;

Wednesday, August 14th - Ibrica Jusic, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery, midnight concert;

Thursday, August 15th – vocal group Kolafjaka, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery from 10:30 pm;

Friday, August 16th – vocal group Kase, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery from 10:30 pm;

Saturday, August 17th – Ibrica Jusic, on the stairs in front of the Dominican Monastery, midnight concert.

A total of nine vocal groups participates in this event, and the programs will be held at three locations, so the locals and their guests can enjoy beautiful music in the Old City, Lapad Bay and once a month in Mokosica.

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