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Cheer yourself up with the exhibition Sederotonin in MOMA Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 09, 2020

An exhibition by one of the most important Croatian painters of modern, postmodern and contemporary art, Duro Seder, entitled Sederotonin, is currently being presented at the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik and will stay open until April 19th.

The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik is located at the address Frana Supila 23 and it works every day, except Mondays, from 9 am to 8 pm.

The curator of the exhibition Sederotonin is the art historian Feda Gavrilovic, who found inspiration for the name but also a link to the artist's work in Michel Houellebecq's latest novel Serotonin, published in 2019.

About the exhibition in Dubrovnik and his selected works, Gavrilovic writes: “His works from mid-1970s to the present, the choice of which is outlined here, attempt to awaken a little sense of serenity in the viewer, a member of our rather apathetic society where depression is increasingly common. By looking at their simple, color-intensive and strongly present characters, objects and spaces, we may be able to stimulate the secretion of a specific happiness hormone in our body. Let's call it – Sederotonin.''

Duro Seder was born in 1927 in Zagreb, where he graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1951 with Antun Mejzdić and later with a specialization in painting with Marin Tartaglia. He was a member of the Gorgon group. He worked as an illustrator and graphic designer until 1981 when he started working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he still has his studio as a professor emeritus. Seder published poems during the 1960s and 1970s, and in 1978 the BiblioTeka published his collection of poems. He has received numerous awards and recognitions from professional associations, as well as honors from state and local government. He is a member of HAZU. His works are in all the most important private, state and church collections in Croatia.

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