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This City Needs Posters! exhibition to show the work of Dubrovnik art students

Written by  Feb 26, 2020

Workshop 'This City Needs Posters!' by Sven Soric and Hrvoje Spudic, organized by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and the Caboga Stiftung Foundation, will be held in cooperation with the art department of the Luka Sorkocevic Art School from 26th of February to 1st of March. Final event 'Modular Structure - An exhibition of a workshop' where students will publicly present their work will be held at the Bunic-Kaboga Summer Villa on Sunday, March 1st, starting at 11am.

Project This City Needs Posters! it is the work of the Spudic and Soric, who deals with graphic design and hand-printed posters. In their work, they place emphasis on materials, process and technique, and accept all their shortcomings as well as the imperfections in the process as design elements. In the field of alternative culture, the lack of financial resources is compensated by the alternative forms of production and participation, what they wish to display.

Sven Soric is an architect who works as a freelance artist in the field of design and architecture and is the co-founder of the platform This City Needs Posters! which is actively involved in the analog design and printing of posters related to the independent cultural scene. Hrvoje Spudic is also an architect, is engaged in DIY analog photography, explores the principles of optics through the production of camera obscura and similar optical devices, and in 2012 he joined Sven Sorićcin founding the collective This City Needs Posters!.

This workshop is intended to be an upgrade for the subjects that Art School students pass in their second grade. They will be guided through the project by their professor Ivana Selmani. Students will be involved in designing and producing one-off posters, and the workshop will focus on hybrid techniques and materials used in the design, while the information will be conveyed through clear typographic compositions.

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