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'I'm happy to see that art still runs in the veins of Dubrovnik'

Written by  Jul 05, 2016

With the Dubrovnik Summer Festival right around the corner, press conference was held today on the terrace of  Hotel Hilton Imperial.
The speakers were: Mayor of Dubrovnik Andro Vlahusic, Deputy County Mayor Davorko Obuljen, artistic director Mladen Tarbuk, theatre programme director Mani Gotovac and Paulina Njiric, executive director counsel.
Andro Vlahusic said that he is delighted to be the part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival eight years in a row, while the Festival is celebrating its 67 year.
- The purpose of art is to be different and that's not an easy thing to do for 67 years – said the Mayor and also thanked all the creators that combine creativity and freedom into masterpieces.
Davorko Obuljen congratulated the organizers and all of the artist as well.
- I had a chance to take a look at the programme and I can just say that we can't wait it to begin.  
Artistic director Mladen Tarbuk first said thanks to all the citizens and tourists for their fidelity.
- I'm happy to see that art still runs in the veins of Dubrovnik – added Tarbuk and said that the programme was planned last year. He talked about two lines of programme: North and South. North is presented by Shakespeare, with Othello and also the music programme. South, or the Mediterenian is coming to this Festival from Spanish speaking area. There will be ballet on Lokrum which consist mostly of great opera Carmen.
There will also be small piano festival that brings the audience some of the most famous pianist today. It's interesting that Dubrovnik Summer Festival is spreading, so it will be held at Konavle and Cavtat too.
Theatre programme director Mani Gotovac said that this Festival has 'the ghost, the breath, the dream of the Latin American art', on which they worked really hard and that will be seen on the Opening, 11th of June.
- For me, Dubrovnik Summer Festival is like Arboretum, peace in todays noise – said Gotovac.
She talked about Othello, saying that it will be performed on fort of Lovrijenac and it will have the motif of manipulators who appeared and also about 'Kafetarija' or 'Coffe bar', a show well known to the locals that is making a come back this year. She emphasized that this will not be the same show from before.
Paulina Njiric said thanks to everybody and added that money isn't everything so she wants to thank all the supporters.
Dubrovnik Summer Festival will have its opening at 11th of June and in 47 days it will show more than 70 theatre, music, ballet, folklore and other performances on nearly 20 different venues. See the programme here.

IMG 5573

                  Andro Vlahusic and Mani Gotovac

IMG 5578

                  Andro Vlahusic, Mani Gotovac and Mladen Tarbuk

                  IMG 5583

                  Paulina Njiric and Davorko Obuljen


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