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Desa Vlahutin opens exhibition in London

By  Nov 27, 2019

Desa Vlahutin, a Dubrovnik citizen with a London address, opened an exhibition on Monday night at one of London's most prestigious collection houses - Bonhams.

In the exhibition for a select audience, featuring Bonhams' permanent clientele, Desa Vlahutin presented seven white sculptures in wood inspired by the Fibonacci series. Her idea was to combine visual art, mathematics and music in a series based on a minimalist, geometric abstraction entitled “Fibonacci Fragments”, and was called “Interactive world of Science and Art.”

Dr. Sc. Jan Rosenzweig gave a short presentation on the life of the famous Italian mathematician Leonard of Pisa called Fibonacci, and the duo "Fibonacci Chamber Ensemble" played Bach and Poulenc's compositions.


- It is interesting to me to think that the Fibonacci sequence can be found almost everywhere: in nature, music, mathematics, art, our body. And it attracts us precisely with its harmony and harmonious relationships. In London, I met enthusiasts who share my fascination with Fibonacci so the desire has easily become a reality. The series consists of seven sculptures in wood, each based on the Fibonacci sequence that is apparent in the relationships of the surfaces on the sculpture. When the form is "cleared" of details, that relationship is more pronounced,” commented the artist, who announced another London exhibition for spring.

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