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Amazing Swedish choir 'Romeo and Juliet' to have two performances in Dubrovnik

Written by  Sep 16, 2019

Always a welcome guest, a Swedish choir Romeo and Juliet returns to Dubrovnik with two performances in the atrium of the Rector's Palace. The concerts take place as part of the 7th International Late Summer Festival Dubrovnik on Tuesday, 17th and Wednesday, September 18th. Concerts start at 9pm.

The Romeo and Juliet Choir concerts are remembered by the Dubrovnik audience as one of the most visited performances at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, because of their spontaneity and ease of understanding Renaissance acts with a touch of wit, and mostly for talented performers - actors, musicians and dancers who have made Renaissance music more interesting to wider audience. Performing music from the Renaissance and early Baroque, the ensemble creates theater concerts that are equally appealing to watch and listen to. Drama, music and choreography are combined into an expressive, playful experience that goes beyond genre commitment. The distinguished way of performing has been developed by its artistic director Benoît Malmberg over almost three decades and has captivated audiences and critics around the world. Since its founding in 1991, the Romeo & Julia Kören has been an artist in residence at the Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm, where it regularly performs.

The ensemble has toured in more than 35 countries and has performed five times at the Nobel Prize banquet and at the wedding of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

The ensemble's extensive repertoire extends from Italian, Spanish, English and French renaissance and baroque masterpieces to Slavic songs and fiery Swedish folk tunes, songs depicting tender love stories as well as burlesque comedies. A Romeo & Julia Kören ensemble drama concert can be adapted to any space - castle, church, theater, concert hall, garden, city square, school or hospital. They are able to make a theater stage from any space and create and inhabit a magical world for their audience. The plays are in direct contact with the audience, and the goal is to spread joy and pleasure, to enchant and entertain in a warm and personal way.

On Tuesday, September 17, the program brings "Decameron", the work of Italian great artist Giovanni Boccacci - in this case, a drama accompanied by music by Orazio Vecchi, Orlando di Lasso and Rossino Mantovano, in which the Choir will present the novellas of Decameron in a burlesque and dramatic manner: a group of men and women in the plague-infested Florence who try to forget the disease by talking, singing and dancing and want their time to pass faster.

On Wednesday, September 18th, the Choir prepares masterpieces of the French Renaissance and the Italian and English Baroque - Orlando di Lasso, Clément Janequin, Claudi Monteverdi and Henry Purcell.

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