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Aleksey Semenenko and Inna Firsova to have a concert in the Rector's Palace

By  Sep 09, 2019

The Russian-Ukrainian duet of virtuosos, Aleksey Semenenko and Inna Firsova, are remembered by the Dubrovnik audience as the winners of the Orlando Award in 2016 for the concert held as part of the 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Also, last year Aleksey Semenenko opened the International Music Festival called Dubrovnik in the late summer. This talented couple will hold a concert in the Rector's Palace atrium on Tuesday, September 10th starting at 9pm and remind the audience of the virtuosity and beauty of the music they offer.

Aleksey Semenenko began to study violin at the age of six at the Stoljarski Music School for Talented Children, and only a year later performed Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A major with the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra. He is known for his passionate performances that are well known because "great technique and intonation, enthusiasm, intelligence, subtlety and wonderful phrasing," as the Boston Musical Intelligencer writes. These qualities were already noted at his triumphant appearance at the Queen Elisabeth Belgian Music Competition in 2015, when he won the second prize, after which he played with other laureates of this competition throughout Belgium with the Royal Philharmonic of Liège and the Brussels Philharmonic, and after what first Dubrovnik performances started.

Inna Firsova often shares the stage with Aleksey Semenenko, as she will do in the Rector's Palace. These distinguished young duet artists perform at the Rhein-Ruhr Piano Festival, at the Kharkiv Philharmonic Hall (Ukraine), at the Beethoven House (Germany), at the Cervo International Summer Academy (Italy), and at numerous other concert halls. Firsova was born in Russia in 1988, but her youth only helped her to use her pianist freshness to win numerous awards. She has won first prizes at Vivat Musica international competitions in Ukraine and several awards given by the German Lions Club. She is the recipient of a scholarship from the Yehudi Menuhin / Live Music Now Rhein-Ruhr Association.

The concert program includes E. Grieg's Violin and Piano Sonata and M. Ravel's Sonata that carries the same name; Sonata for solo violin no. 6 and Poem no. 2 "Au rouet" by E. Ysaye; Romance in F minor and Song without the words of P. Tchaikovsky; Ravel's Rhapsody of "Tzigiane" and the work Myths: La fontaine d'Arethuse for violin and piano by K. Szymanowski.


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