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Dance the night away: A Love Supreme performance to be held on Saturday

By  Jul 12, 2019

An innovative piece for four dancers ‘A Love Supreme’ by the choreographer Salva Sanchis and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, originated from John Coltrane's album that carries the same name, and performed by one of the most prestigious European dance ensembles Rosas, can be enjoyed by the Dubrovnik audience at the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival on Saturday, July 13th at 9.30 pm on the Fort Revelin terrace.

A Love Supreme Dance Quartet is based on one of the most revolutionary jazz albums of the 20th century, and is the result of collaboration between choreographer Salva Sanchis and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker who share the same fascination with this legendary piece of music. On the album A Love Supreme, Coltrane and his musicians used a vaguely simple musical structure to allow complete freedom of improvisation, moving the boundaries of each music record.

If anyone can access the translation of something like this colossal music block in something as light and abstract as the contemporary dance, it is Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, who took that challenge in 2005 together with Salva Sanchis, using her intuitive understanding this incredible musical work in combination with her own genius. In the year 2017, after decades of choreographic research and in the performance of a brand new group of young dancers, Rosas presented the dance production A Love Supreme, which will be seen by the festival audience on the Fort Revelin.

Rosas is a dance company made by renowned choreographer and dancer De Keersmaeker based in Brussels, founded in 1983. Over the years, Anne Teresa has expanded her view of dance art as an act of printing movements in space and time, exploring choreography in combination with other compositional forces, specifically with music, geometry, visual arts and language. Rosas performance is certainly one of the culminations of this year's festival program, and is also their first appearance at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

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