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VIDEO – Meet the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Screenshot

VIDEO – Meet the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra

By  Jun 19, 2019

Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra is an important part of Dubrovnik's tradition and culture. With numerous concerts they enrich the life of the city, but its musicians are still modest and mostly hidden behind their instruments.

However, the time has come to meet the artists that make the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra (DSO) so valuable. In the amazing promotional video released by the DSO, you can see the musicians, combined with the shots of Dubrovnik and concerts.

-We are happy to present you our new promo video which we made in order to present you our work. Or at least, one part of it. The aim was to show the love for music, wonderful atmosphere on the concerts during the year, but also the fact that DSO are people, maybe even your friends, some familiar faces from the bus stop or neighbours that you were listening during your whole life through the wall we want to show that DSO are people, your friends maybe, some familiar face from the bus stop or a neighbour whom you are listening your whole life behind the wall – it's written on the official Facebook page of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, with addition that they couldn't escape from scenes of our beautiful city, because it has always been an inspiration to all the musicians who come here, and to their orchestra as well.

Have fun watching the video and visit one of their concerts while you're in Dubrovnik – it's worth it!