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The Carnival of the Animals to bring joy to the children and adults

By  Jan 08, 2019

Concert for the children ‘’The Carnival of the Animals’’, organized by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and supported by the Caboga Stiftung Foundation, will take place on Sunday, January 20th, at 11 am in the Marin Drzic theater. Tickets at a price of 30 kuna are avaliable online on the website

From the first performance this summer at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as part of the program of public development program – the City Keys, this performance receives the great interest of the festival audience of all generations, which could be seen at the concerts in the Bunic Kaboga summer villa in September and November, confirming the universal popularity of this zoological fantasy of French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, which easily finds its way to the hearts of children (and adults) all over the world.

Composer of this work, Camille Saint-Saëns, was born almost 200 years ago in Paris and is one of the artists known as the "miracle of the child". As an adult and respected composer, while spending time with his friends on vacation in Austria, he decided to play around in a zoological fantasy entitled The Carnival of Animals. Through various portions of this descriptive piece of full humor and satire, he commented on other composer's compositions, his own works, and his music critics (in a line dedicated to long-eared animals). Each of the 14 items of Animal Carnivals is devoted to one animal or group of animals, and almost all parts hide quotes or music reviews of other famous musical works.

Along with the Dubrovnik musicians performing this popular Saint-Saëns work, there will be a story teller: actress Srdana Simunovic. A great joy for the children and adults!

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