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Photo exhibition presenting the heritage of National Park Mljet opens

By  Nov 22, 2018

The National Park Mljet opened a black and white photo exhibition titled "The Most Notable Memorial Heritage of National Park Mljet" in the Cultural Center in Babino Polje.

The island of Mljet is widely known for its natural values, as well as numerous cultural and historical monuments and traditions. In the year of the European Cultural Heritage, a black-and-white photo exhibition is presented to the public at the Mljet National Park in order to raise awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage. In the focus of the exhibition are the Roman palace in Polace and the Benedictine monastery of Sv. Mary on the island that carries the same name.

The tradition of the island was previously presented through the exhibition "Lipi nasi skoji" by the author Vido Bagur, while part of the cultural heritage was also presented through exhibitions of photographs "Otok Mljet, plicina Sveti Pavao/Brodolom s teretom iznicke keramike" by Igor Miholjek.

Exhibition "The Most Notable Memorial Heritage of National Park Mljet" is open for visitors till the end of 2018.

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