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Photography exibition of Slavica Gavranic to be opened in Sponza Palace

Written by  May 19, 2016

The first solo photography exhibition of Slavica Gavranic called 'Individuum’ will be opened in the Sponza Palace, on Saturday, May 21st, beginning at 8 pm.

Each photographer has something that he prefers on the photographs. For Slavica Gavranić that are definicely the people and their emotions. A leitmotif of the exhibition is the image of a woman in various states of mind, from the pain and grief all the way to satisfaction and happiness. The author will present 24 photographs in black - white.

The exhibition has a humanitarian character. The funds raised from the sale of photographs will be paid on the bank account of the Center for Rehabilitation Josipovac. The exhibition will be opened until July 10th

About the Author:

Slavica Gavranićc s born on February 19, 1965 in Župa. For some time she has lived in France. She’s engaged in photography ever since her youth. She points out that love happened in elementary school, where she was developing the photographs in a small darkroom every week with a dozen of students and professor Vlaho Baničević. A more serious approach took place eight years ago when at the urging of Igor Brautović she started hanging out with photography enthusiasts and professional photographers like photojournalist Željko Tutnjević. She has won several awards, and this is her first solo exhibition. She lives and works in Dubrovnik.


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