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Dubrovnik sculptor features in London exhibition

By  Oct 13, 2018

Dubrovnik art has hit the streets of London with the opening of an exhibition from Deša Vlahutin in the Old Brompton Gallery. Organised by the MA Gallery in London the exhibition features five sculptures from this academically educated sculptor in a cycle inspired entitled “Fibonacci Fragments.” Inspired by the Fibonacci series, a mathematical formula called the divine measure of the whole world.


The opening of the exhibition was attended by Daria Chernenko, head of the Russian department at Bonhams auction house, Anthony Fawcett, a British writer, critic and former personal assistant of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, pianist and composer Vessey Tchakarov, mathematician Mark Walters and the Croatian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The exhibition is open until October 17, so if you travel to London, make sure to stop at the Old Brompton Gallery.


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