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Dee Dee Bridgewater delights Dubrovnik audience

By  Jul 19, 2018

American jazz diva and multiple Grammy Award winner Dee Dee Bridgewater performed last night in front of the Cathedral with the Jazz Orchestra of Croatian Radio Television conducted by Andreas Marinello. This unique concert attracted both domestic and foreign audience, who were enchanted by an amazing performance.

The famous singer, considered one of the best in the world jazz scene began the concert by sharing her love of Dubrovnik, saying that coming here and singing under the open sky at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival fulfills her dreams. Thanks to its authentic personality and rich concert and theatrical experience, the concert of Dee Dee Bridgewater was a true jazz performance, and it was awarded with ovations and applause. The bond between the singer and the audience made this concert intimate and truly special.

Her unique jazz performances (just like this last night) brought her three Grammy awards. She also won prestigious Tony Award for the role of Glinda in The Wiz musical. Dee Dee was nominated for the best jazz albums, and many have named he the successor of the famous Elle Fitzgerald. She is well known for putting her own stamp on the music standards, and with an intolerable and unstoppable approach to the reinterpretation of jazz classics, she is a fearless traveler, explorer, pioneer, but also a guardian of tradition. In addition to all this, she’s the Goodwill UN Ambassador committed by the Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) to end hunger in the world.

Dee Dee performed with the Jazz Orchestra of Croatian Radio and Television (HRT). That’s the only professional composition of this kind in Croatia. As one of the most influential jazz ensembles on the Croatian music scene, HRT Jazz Orchestra is the nucleus of the best jazz musicians among whom many performers also act as composers and arrangers.

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