Friday, 21 September 2018
Goran Bisic opens new exhibition Goran Bisic opens new exhibition Vedran Jerinić/

Black and White beauties in new Dubrovnik photo exhibition

By  Jul 01, 2018

The funkiest wine bar in Dubrovnik continues with its art season with the opening of an exhibition this week. On Friday an exhibition by one of the most talented and unique photographers in Dubrovnik – Goran Bisic – opened in the Tavulin Wine & Art Bar. Known for his black and white style and his keen eye for catching the atmosphere in the historic Old City it is well worth taking the time to check it out.

bisic exhibition opens in dubrovnik

Photo - Goran Bisic 

The family run bar teams up with several artists throughout the year to create an exhibition on the stone walls of the bar. Basically you are going for a night out, a bottle of wine with friends, and you get an art exhibition throw into the deal.

bisic opens tavulin

The exhibition, entitled “The Other Day,” features images that Bisic has captured during the past year on the streets of the Old City. This exhibition consists of photographic records of urban everyday life and he has stunningly captured a different angle on the city. And if the work wasn’t impressive enough it might surprise you to know that all of the photos haven’t been taken with an expensive camera and equipment, but with a mobile phone. Proof that Bisic has an amazing eye for details and a sense for the moments around him.

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