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Drink your morning coffee at MOMA Dubrovnik Miho Skvrce

Drink your morning coffee at MOMA Dubrovnik

By  Mar 08, 2018

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik organizes professional guidance through the current exhibition ‘Vanishing point’ on Saturday, March 10th, at 10 am with guaranteed refreshment.

After the great reactions to the new program, MOMA Dubrovnik decided to continue with this project in the next couple of months. This is the last chance to see the exhibition 'Vanishing point' since it is opened until Sunday, March 11th. 

‘Saturday coffee at the MOMA Dubrovnik’ is a novelty with which this museum wants to reach to the locals and their guests, by giving them a different experience of a cultural institution. This kind of interaction with visitors is planned once a month.

On Saturday, March 10th, curator of the exhibition Jelena Tamindzija will take all visitors on the journey through the current exhibition by one of the world's most famous photographers, Ahmet Ertuğ.

The importance of this exhibition is also expressed by the fact that it was listed among the 5 most significant and most anticipated world exhibitions in the 2018 edition of Turkish Airlines magazine, along with exhibitions placed in London, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Tokyo.

For the exhibition in Dubrovnik, the Turkish photographer introduced 20 large format images (225 x 180 cm) of interior shot in Italy and Dubrovnik.

After expert guidance, all visitors will be able to refresh themselves with coffee and juices and enjoy the amazing view from the terrace of MOMA Dubrovnik.

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