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Don't miss architectural photography lecture at MOMA Dubrovnik

Written by  Feb 08, 2018


The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (MOMA Dubrovnik) invites everybody at the lecture of the prominent theoretician of photography Rolf Sachsse on Saturday, February 10th at 7 pm, with the presence of photographer Ahmet Ertuğ. The lecture will be in English.

Rolf Sachsse is one of the authors of the texts of the catalog of the current exhibition placed in the MOMA Dubrovnik, of Turkish photographer Ahmet Ertuğ entitled "Vanishing point", which was opened in mid-December.

In the text entitled "Non plus ultra" meaning "it can't be better", Sachsse offered readers an insight into the enchanting world of Ertuğ's photos. Rolf Saschsse's proposal to hold a lecture on architectural photography is particularly important because Dubrovnik's architecture makes Dubrovnik so unique. The simplest definition of an architectural photography is that is defined as a photographic form that uses buildings and other structures as the main subject. Although there are many definitions and classifications, architectural photography is most commonly divided in the architectural photography of the interior and exterior.




The exhibition of Ahmet Ertuğ at MOMA Dubrovnik reveals that Ertuğ is an architect by profession. This is most evident in the details of his photographs. He captured the attention of the public by photographing the most representative interiors of historic buildings in the world. After graduating in architecture in London in 1974, Ertuğ continued to work in the field of architecture, simultaneously recording photographs of ancient monuments and autochthonous settlements like those in Iran. His dedication to photography especially started after receiving the prestigious scholarship of the Japan Foundation for photos of traditional Japanese architecture. After experiencing the Far East, Ertuğ continued to follow the paths of photography capturing photographs of some of the most interesting architectural achievements of European art history, from churches, libraries and Paladinian villas to opera houses.

Rolf Sachsse will host a lecture about architectural photography as a genre and present Ertuğ's photos, allowing the audience to experience and understand his photography in a completely different way.

Sachsse is a well-known theoretician of photography who was tutored in Cologne by Karl-Hugo Schmoelz and Walde Huth. Continuing in advertising photography, photography of architecture and industrial photography, Sachs has worked in these fields for several years to finance further study. He studied art history, communication research and German literature in Munich and Bonn. He graduated in 1983 with the topic "History of Architecture Photography in Germany from 1900 to 1975".

In the late seventies, Sachsse worked as the head of a conservation campaign of the bulidins, whose interior was from the 19th century. From 1975 to 1990 he acted as an artist, photographer, curator and critic. Since 2004 he has taught the Design History and Design Theory at Saar University of Fine Arts in Saarbrücke.

He has written more than 40 books and about 300 essays on the history of photography, design, architecture and new music.


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