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Marin Drzic to have English translation Marin Drzic to have English translation

Marin Drzic to be given a new international lease of life

Written by  Jan 19, 2018

Dubrovnik’s most famous writer of comedy and tragedy, Marin Drzic, is about to go international. One of the most popular books of “Dubrovnik’s Shakespeare” Uncle Maroje (Dundo Maroje) has been translated into English.

The English version of Uncle Maroje will be presented in the Marin Drzic theatre on Saturday the 20th of January. This project was made possible by the Marin Drzic Home, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik and the book was translated by Filip Krenus. The book release is part of the event Festa Dubrovnik 2018.

Nikola Matic, the director of the House of Marin Držić, the author of the book's preface Luko Paljetak and Romana Vlašić, the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, will all participate in the presentation of the book together with the translator and writer Filip Krenus.

“Although this comedy has been translated into Renaissance English language, my goal is not, as I have mentioned, that this is a museum exhibit. Dust is the death of the theatre and I would like the translation to be a springboard for the full performance of this brilliant comedy in English,” commented Krenus.



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