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Orlando Furioso starts with Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Written by  Jun 06, 2017

The musical masterpiece of the great Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons, will open the cycle of Baroque music in Dubrovnik - Orlando Furioso tonight. At the terrace of the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik The String Chamber Orchestra of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be led by Russian virtuoso Dmitry Sinkovsky, while Mark Thomas will narrate the audience through the seasons. Concert starts at 9 pm.

Orlando Furioso is a new event in the city, and will be held from 6 to 16 June in the Rector's Palace and Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik. It is a cycle of baroque music organized by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Through four concerts, the orchestra will bring the baroque spirit of great composers to the City. The cycle is led by Dmitry Sinkovsky, world star of baroque violin, conductor and countertenor. This multi-talented Russian virtuoso is world-known for performing baroque music. Dubrovnik audience had the opportunity to attend his performances last year and was often surprised by many talents of this artist.

Tonight is an unique opportunity to hear how one of the greatest Italian composers tried to show the diversity and the atmosphere of the seasons in his most famous work: the Four Seasons.

A short video about the artist who will guide us through the cycle of Baroque music Orlando Furioso, Dmitry Sinkovsky, can be found here.

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