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Dubrovnik art - Saint Blaise paintings by Josip Trostmann Zeljko Tutnjevic

Dubrovnik art - Saint Blaise paintings by Josip Trostmann

By  Jan 28, 2017

Famous Dubrovnik painter Josip Pino Trostmann opened his exhibition dedicated to Saint Blaise today in the Art Gallery Talir. The exhibition features thirty oil paintings with the motif of Dubrovnik's patron saint, whose day will be celebrated soon.

Trostmann was born in Dubrovnik and already as a ten year old boy attended evening school of Ivo Dulcic portratis. He graduated on the Zagreb Academy of Visual Arts in 1963 and joined Visual Artists Association (HDLU) and was engaded in pedagogic work from 1968 to his retirement. He had a lot of exhibitions and is the winner of several pristigious awards and recognitions.

He dedicated his latest work to Saint Blaise and if you want to know more about Dubrovnik patron click here. Saint Blaise is celebrated on February 3rd but the Festivity already started – here is the full program.






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