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Goran Višnjić Headlines Premieres at 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival DLJI

Goran Višnjić Headlines Premieres at 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Written by  Mar 19, 2024

The 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival brings eight different dramatic titles, with its rich premiere program highlighting strong and well-known acting names in the city.

At the very beginning of this exciting festival summer, the audience's favorite, "Kafetarija" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Paolo Tišljarić, will have its premiere. The acting ensemble of the Marin Držić Theater is led by Hrvoje Sebastijan and guest Marijan Nejašmić Banić in the roles of Gospodin Fran and Lukša.

The latest performance of Vojnović's "Ekvinocija" will be directed by Krešimir Dolenčić at a previously unexplored festival location, Posat. Meanwhile, our greatest acting stars today, Goran Višnjić and Zrinka Cvitešić, lead the Festival Drama Ensemble alongside the national drama champion Olivera Baljak.

The rich drama program will be rounded off with Shakespeare's "The Tempest," the third and final premiere title, directed by Slovenian director Vito Taufer. Alongside the popular Luka Peroš in the role of Prospero, some of the leading names in Croatian theater such as Dušan Gojić, Siniša Ružić, Fran Dijak, Filip Šovagović, and others will stand, bringing a vision of a new era, a future that Shakespeare believes awaits the world, in the specific ambience of Lokrum Island.

Tickets for all premieres, as well as for nearly 60 other music, ballet, folklore, and other programs of the 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, are already available for purchase online on the festival's website www.dubrovnik-festival.hr and through the service www.ulaznice.hr. Starting from Monday, April 8th, tickets, as well as festival souvenirs, will be available for purchase locally at the box office on the ground floor of the Festival Palace at Od Sigurate 1, which will be open every working day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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