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Renowned Artist Mersad Berber's Exhibition to Debut in Dubrovnik's Historic Lazareti

Written by  Sep 27, 2023

Seven years after the last major exhibition of Mersad Berber, on September 27, Lazareti will open its doors to an exhibition by this prominent painter and graphic artist. It is said to reveal selected works from the cycles of Dubrovnik Flora, Homage to Vlaho Bukovac, the wartime diary, and Dubrovnik's audience, as well as all their guests, will premiere the presentation of the scenery from Gundulić's 'Osman,' a theatre production by the Croatian National Theater Zagreb from 1993. Definitely one more reason to visit the southernmost part of Croatia and make the most of the last hours of the calendar summer.

The grandiose exhibition of Maestro Mersad Berber will be held in Dubrovnik, a city to which he was deeply attached and which represented eternal inspiration for him. It is a city of exceptional beauty, history, architecture, art, play of light, and the most beautiful position in the Mediterranean. Among the numerous homages to great world artists such as Velázquez and Kramskoy, Berber gained impressive international fame with his extensive cycles related to Bosnia and his extensive opus of Dubrovnik Flora and homage to the Dubrovnik giant Vlaho Bukovac.


Dubrovnik has been and remains the painter's third home after Sarajevo and Zagreb. In his atelier in Lozica near Dubrovnik, many works were painted, all based on the eternal inspiration linked to the city, its history, beauty, and the play of light and magenta, which could only be painted in such a beautiful Mediterranean environment. The Dubrovnik exhibition will premiere a selection of works from the wartime diary cycle. It is less known that Berber sailed into the besieged Dubrovnik with the first humanitarian convoy. Through Berber's wartime diary, one can feel his deep connection and suffering for the city of Dubrovnik and its people, just as he depicted his great pain and empathy for the suffering of his people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to painting, illustration, and graphics, Berber was involved in theatre set design and costume design, created film posters, and occasionally provided visual solutions, such as the Index music record cover. For a long time now, the Mersad Berber Foundation has wanted to present the great opus of Maestro Berber to the City of Dubrovnik and its residents, which has not been seen before, so the end of September has proven to be a magical combination.


"Through collaboration with the city and with the support of dear friends, we have managed to realize this exhibition, which is also a gift to all the people of Dubrovnik. The Mersad Berber Foundation continues to work on preserving the legacy and further promoting the rich artistic heritage of the painter," said Ira Berber, Director of the Mersad Berber Foundation.

The exhibition, entitled 'In Honour of Dubrovnik' - Homage to Dubrovnik, will take place in the impressive and restored Lazareti under the patronage of the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Heritage, and the exhibition will be opened by Mayor Mato Franković. Lazareti, as part of the Dubrovnik Heritage, are located in the heart of Dubrovnik, and, moreover, they are the only fully preserved quarantine building in the European part of the Mediterranean under the protection of UNESCO.

Berber's exhibition can be visited from September 27, 2023, until October 23, 2023."

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