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One of the most iconic and indeed most hardworking, cultural institutions in Dubrovnik One of the most iconic and indeed most hardworking, cultural institutions in Dubrovnik DSO

Save the date for a cultural event worth waiting for - Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra

Written by  Aug 19, 2022

One of the most iconic and indeed most hardworking, cultural institutions in Dubrovnik is the award winning Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra (DSO). And this year the orchestra celebrates its 97th anniversary. As an essential part of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Dubrovnik and Croatia, the orchestra continues to perform in the unique ambiances of its city. It presents the musical repertoire and inexhaustible source of quality cultural events to citizens and visitors in spaces such as the atrium of the Rector’s Palace, city churches, and squares. In addition, DSO regularly performs with well-known local and internationally renowned artists, interpreting works by classical music masters in Dubrovnik and on their tours around the world.



I can clearly remember a few years ago one world renowned American saxophone player saying to me “imagine a city with only 45,000 citizens that has a full-time, professional symphony orchestra!” He then listed off a whole range of US cities much, much larger than Dubrovnik that don’t have an orchestra. That is how much importance is placed on culture in the pearl of the Adriatic.

Regular festivals throughout the year

Although Dubrovnik is filled with cultural events throughout the year, most of the programs take place in the summer, during the high season. However, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra recognized the need for a quality music program, so in 2017 it introduced a music festival called the Dubrovnik Music Spring. The orchestra has a busy annual schedule. Concerts, festivals, musical cycles, you name it this ever busy orchestra is forever entertaining locals and tourists. And one festival that has really found itself on the map of the cultural calendar is the Dubrovnik Musical Spring! This festival is now traditional in the city and people come from far and wide to attend.



In April and May, citizens and indeed guests to the city have the opportunity to enjoy carefully selected programs that take place at several locations in Dubrovnik, including educational concerts for the youngest audience. In recent years, the orchestra has hosted more than 30 renowned artists, soloists, and conductors, emphasizing the importance of music and its traditions in Dubrovnik.

Contact and ticket infromation for all concerts

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Tel.: +385 (0) 20 417 110
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