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15 Most Popular Apps College Students Use

15 Most Popular Apps College Students Use

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 16, 2021

It is hard to imagine a busy student life without mobile applications. They help to improve academic performance, find the necessary information, or just kill some time. You may send a request like help write my paper for me and find an appropriate academic application. 

In the following list, we have collected the most popular applications that students use. You may be familiar with some of the entries and use them actively. However, we guarantee to overview an application that will help in your college inquiries.


Applications for Learning 


Khan Academy 

This great application is available for iOs and Android. Khan academy contains various educational materials like videos, lectures, and articles. The number of subjects is impressive too. 


Khan Academy is a great way to refresh your knowledge of a particular subject and learn a bit more before an upcoming seminar. 



Coursera is a great way to explore a certain academic field. The application provides access to dozens of courses, both free and paid. You can apply for different programs to see what subject is perfectly yours.


Coursera has a user-friendly interface and flexible customization settings. You can set parameters that appeal to you the most, and Coursera will find a respective course.



iTunesU is an Appstore application with an impressive amount of learning materials. The application will help you to tailor your studying plan. Whether you want to learn more from the subject you are already studying or pick up something from scratch, iTunesU is a great way to improve your academic performance. 





TED talks are an optimal way to start your research project. One of the TED advantages is the authenticity of the talks. A wide range of people, from regular persons to fields experts, share their experience and provide useful insights. 


You may browse through TED lectures to find a starting point for your research or simply gain some inspiration. 



The feature that helps CliffsNotes to stand out is interactivity. Besides the collection of learning material, CliffsNotes helps to master it. The application provides audio fragments for learning materials, quizzes, and interactive bookmarks. 


If you want to improve a certain subject, CliffsNotes will provide you with all the necessary tools. 



Wikipedia hardly requires an introduction. Everyone is familiar with the biggest internet encyclopedia. Even though Wikipedia articles are banned as academic sources, they are still useful during research. 


The Wikipedia application provides an optimized experience of the well-known encyclopedia. 


Taking Notes 


Google Drive 


It may not be obvious at first, but Google Drive is perfect for taking notes. Due to high accessibility, you will always have your notes within your reach. Using Google drive documents during lectures and after them makes the learning process much easier.


Besides, Google Drive works well for backups and editing. It is a good idea to have more than one copy of an important document. Storing one of the copies on Google Drive will help make editing swiftly and from any device.




This application has a more general purpose but still may be useful in college life. Evernote is a multimedia application that has a gallery, calendar, and notepad. It may not be convenient for academic purposes. Still, EverNote comes in handy when you need to plan an event or gather various data in one place. 





Grammarly is an indisputable favorite for students’ writing. This application works on the web as a desktop and mobile app. Grammarly has free and premium versions. The functionality of the app is well-made, and even its free version can improve your writing. 


The app highlights mistakes and typos, provides suggestions on how to improve them, and calculates an overall score of your text.




A good dictionary is an essential tool in each student’s arsenal. You don’t have to look for a physical copy of the best dictionaries as they have digital analogs: 

  • Oxford Dictionary. 

  • Merriam Webster. 

  • Dictionary. com

These applications provide the same functionality as their above versions. At the same time, they easily fit in your pocket. 


The dictionaries receive regular updates and contain not only general vocabulary but also field-related entries. They will help to master professional terminology. 



Apple Music 

One of the most widespread music applications for students. Apple Music provides the family access feature. As a result, a group of students from the same group or dorm room can have access to licensed music for an affordable price. 



Spotify is an application available on various platforms and systems. This application collects all the popular artists, creates thematic collections, and tailors users’ experiences, respectively. 





Studying in college implies not only acquiring a degree. Students need to learn how to manage their time and resources efficiently. Mint can help in this case. Mint is an application that helps to track your income and spendings monthly. 


The application will make suggestions on your spendings, help to pay bills, and monitor your credit score.




This application will help to make your savings work. A lot of students use it to save money for treats or travel tickets. Acorn rounds up your last purchase to the next whole dollar and invests money into an index fund. 


Acorn is a simple way to improve your financial literacy. 


My Fitness Pal 


My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular health apps among students. Fitness Pal is a collection of easy-to-execute exercises, which are available in any environment. In addition to the exercises, Fitness Pal helps to monitor the hours of sleep and diet. 


Final Words 

Applications cover all aspects of students’ lives. If the list does not have an app you were looking for, it does not mean there is none. There are a lot of applications dedicated to academic performance, essay writing, and subject learning. 

Besides, there are applications for dating, myriads of mobile games, and applications for brain stimulation. If you are a student, and some application has caught your eye, you are already using a popular student’s app.

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