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Exhibition "Photography of Dubrovnik through the lens of students" at the Student Dormitory

Written by  Dec 09, 2021

An exhibition entitled "Photography of Dubrovnik through the lens of students" will be open today, Thursday, December 9 at 19:00 in the Student Dormitory. This is a student project created with the support and financial resources of the Student Union of the University of Dubrovnik, initiated by Ira Fabrio and Sara Šimetić, students of the Department of Art and Restoration. The works will be on view until January 15, 2022.

Eleven creative students of the University of Dubrovnik, from different departments, years of study and place of residence, responded to the invitation of their colleagues and their nineteen works were combined into this exhibition. With the help of a photo and a short description, students tried to show the advantages of living and studying in this city and thus send a message to future students why to choose Dubrovnik, or to point out shortcomings and opportunities for progress and thus accelerate the process of positive change.

“By setting up an exhibition in the Student Dormitory, we want to emphasize the idea of how Dubrovnik inevitably affects students who were not born there, and how it is slowly becoming their city and how different students enrich not only students but Dubrovnik life in general,” stated the University of Dubrovnik. The authors of the photographs are: Andrija Barbarić, Vatroslav Čižmek, Ivona Čović, Ira Fabrio, Jan Mark Novalija, Marino Mislav Pejčinović, Sara Perković-Paloš, Stefano Piantanida, Nikolina Šanovsky, Ivana Šarić and Sara Šimetić.


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