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Exhibition Bella Vista to open in the Dubrovnik Art Gallery

Written by  Oct 04, 2016

Exhibition ''Bella Vista'' of contemporary Dubrovnik artist, academic painter Ivana Drazic Selmani will be opened on Thursday, 6th of October, at 7 pm in the Dubrovnik Art Gallery. The artist will be presented by the ambient installation, images, graphics and video. All work discusses the Dubrovnik environment with all its beauty, melancholy and issues, announced Dubrovnik Art Gallery. 

The largest exhibition hall of the Gallery will be filled with salt in a layer of a few inches, creating a visual sensation with dense symbolism. By researching personal history, the artist has carried out the work ''On the Dance'' (2013), a series of sixteen miniature drawings (3 x 4 cm) made according to the template of old photographs, showing scenes of bathing on the Dance, one of the oldest Dubrovnik beaches.

In the newly created cycle, pictures of larger formats called Bella Vista also show scenes from swimming made based on models of the old family black and white photos from a period of thirties to fifties. Pictures capture moments of leisure, relaxation, harmonious coexistence of man and the sea.

The exhibition will be opened until Sunday, 13th of November, 2016.

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